Show Sigils first - QoL change

On the old forums I once reminded PG to please list Sigils first in the personal progression prizes and I was told they are trying to sort it the way it usually was (Sigils first).

Just a small reminder to check the sorting again :wink:

I made this a new thread because this one here was closed:

@Psarus the forum has a feature to mark a certain post as a “Solution” so the whole thread will be marked as such but it stays open so people can still post.
Please use this feature so we don’t have to make new threads, thanks.


Agreed on the thread closures. Way too many are being closed with no real reason except someone’s buddy asks it to be closed.

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Yeah, not really sure why a thread NEEDS to be closed in such a rush just because a question was answered…

Edit: Also I agree with MareZ, was annoying clicking through everything to make sure sigils still existed. Not sure why that was changed as those are the milestones most people are aiming for.

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