Show which raids are revenge attacks

@PGJared It would really be nice if we had a way of determining whether someone attacks us in revenge or as a fresh raid.

I heard the previous concerns about people using an attack log as a way to farm people, so how about a “revenge” icon that is in the defense log which lets us know a raid was a revenge attack?

I swear I saw this kind of thing in a thread a few weeks back. There’d be a list or something showing who you’ve attacked, not only to determine if you’re accidentally farming someone but also to know if a recent raid was a revenge. It’s a good idea, I think, but I don’t see a lot of point in it.
Edit: Oh you included the exact thing I said in your OP. My bad. I don’t see it as too necessary all in all, though.

Well, I generally don’t do revenge attacks because I don’t know if the person who hit me was someone I hit first or not. I would like to do more revenge attacks, it’s fun. What’s not fun is getting into arguments over who is farming who.

I started this thread after getting the loading screen telling me not to let enemies attack unchecked and to revenge them, or something along those lines. :grin:

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Lol yeah. I don’t do revenge attacks either most of the time :man_shrugging:

You know what’s more important than this? The fact that android players can’t even see replays that happened before their current login period


I can see before my current login period (Android), but only one. So sometimes I’ll have a number “3” as in I have 3 new mails, and then the only thing in there is I got attacked once (which I’m assuming the 3 mails notification thingy means I got hit thrice).

While I agree that should be fixed, this isn’t an “either, or” thread. If you can’t see the raid then you don’t have to worry about whether or not to revenge it.

In my case, if more than one raid, I read them (not from mail notification, which only shows up the latest, but from the temporary pop up in my base), make a note, and search the team for revenge.

As a result, if the raid list hasn’t been improved, this feature will be useless, as some (if not most) who did revenge, search the base himself and did a revenge raid manually.

Maybe for you the feature would be useless. Not for me. A majority of the time I am only raided once between logins.

If this were implemented and you revenge people without using the revenge button, then don’t get mad if they attack you again. You would have to explain to them that you were doing a revenge attack if a problem arises, no different than you have to do now.

Again, I agree the defense log needs some work…lets not put ideas down because you want something else fixed first. Both can/should be fixed.

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Oops, sorry.
I didn’t mean to put the ideas down. I’d like if both features are implemented at once, since they’re related (and the revenge button will be twice as effective :smiley: ).

p.s. I do revenge if they attacked too much or they raid lots of rss and they still have some, and I have chance to defeat them.

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