SHOW YOUR ROSTER , is ember there 🥺

Hey I was curious to know what dragons are people keeping in rooster , cmon show us those screenshots :v: Include your level too :muscle:

P.s: keep it fun :grinning: I am sure we will see many surprises :kissing_heart:

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Only roster right?


Ember is ALWAYS there, it’d rip my Den apart and blow up my base if I didn’t have the “King/Queen” of dragons in there. I also keep Axi, Chunk, Dodo, and Firefin in there because they’re ridiculous and cute. The other 5 slots are for my 3 attack dragons and whatever 2 worthless lineage dragons I’m taking to expert to bench.

That’s my roster Including the half off dragon that isn’t visible. Lvl 390. No idea how I get the pic that orcaFrost got.


She use an alt to attack her own base and save the screenshot :ok_hand:

U share the wind gears for pathox and zenko… I can see you struggle with their AP.

Yeyy hail to the all mighty ember :skull_and_crossbones:

Edit: OrcaFrost is an alt :ghost:

:roll_eyes: That’s my main’s


One has elite one has legendary wind. But not maxed out yet. Switched to working on defence gear first as that was needed more.


I am level 351.
Roster has Ember most of the time, however, I have two more finishing dragons, which are Hauheset and Apophet.


How in the world do you finish anything with apophet? Why not Renard or enki?

For the farms he has one-shot spell :woman_shrugging:t3:
Where Ember sometimes need 2 shots per farm, he needs only 1, always.


Ah right farms. I fly dragons like necryx and hauheset a lot as leads so I tend to leave more than farms so I always think of apophet as a low level solo rather than a finisher. Little pet makes sure I can’t finish anything with apop so enki it is lmao

Lv 276, working on Namaka gear still. Always Ember. Always. Also been farming egg tokens so I don’t have my usual finishers. Hauheset is generally in my roster and I’ll remember the trick for Apo :wink:

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Skarr ?

Edit: I like how you set up the background and used MsMersy :rose:


I farm missions with ember so he’s always there. (Yes I know I don’t have any good riders or gear.)

Yes. Skarr. In commemoration of the Mechcat. Shortly after I met him, I got Skarr and was a feisty little “Skarrdul”. So while I still can I’m saying hi with Skarr and two Spell Flux on his base :cry:
Plus I love Skarr, he was the best buddy a hatchling could hope for, and a decent finisher with SacriFlux


Then in memory of Mech

I remember when he was excited getting two 60 level towers while still in the lower 200s. :slightly_smiling_face:


Why A&A?

The most recent hatch? Figured might as well level up the dragons if we get more tier-based events. The game might die but I’m preparing for its survival :blush:


My roster might be a shock to some people

Btw, I keep Zotz in my roster if I’m ever in the mood to destroy a weak base.

Here are mine.