Showing Tower XP gained under Upgrade

I would like to suggest adding/showing the amount of XP gained from levelling up a Tower or Building under upgrade. It can be added just next to the time or resources needed for the upgrade.
This will help player to calculate how many upgrades are needed to reach next level or how many upgrades are needed to gain back the missing XP from merging towers.


I very much agree.

That would be really great! I also would like to see the level of the towers under construction.


Another great suggestion
@moderators @PGGalileo @PGJared pls try to get this to work.

Yes please… Show us all the info on towers upgrading… level, damage, health etc
And also let us use wood/food boosts while the storage is upgrading too ffs… if you’re like me and your storage is upgrading almost permanently, for that 1 moment your storage isn’t upgrading during fort to load the boosts for 1 day only is just stupid. Let us use them whenever we want.

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Certainly worth passing along! Shooting this to our team meow.


This seems like an easy and very helpful addition

@PGGalileo thank you!

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It’s 106k. there


Well sure :blush:
My point was there is an abundance of resources available for planning a Fort, lets not waste Devs resources on such meaningless tasks
I’m sure whoever is engadged enough to make post/request about it, is capable enough to find a Fort planner or make his own spreadsheet

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