Showing Trees in Battle Mode (Game Settings)

I have trees disabled in settings, but ever since the Spring update there they are despite being disabled in settings.
I’ve tried:

Low settings > restart, check all boxes except trees > restart, relaunch game (per a thread that came up via search that worked for people back in November)

Uncheck boats > reboot, re-check boats > reboot

Simply check trees > reboot, uncheck trees > reboot

Even more simply, check trees and see if they go away if I turn them ON :rofl:

Anyone else having this issue? Go away trees! :see_no_evil:

Yeah, I’ve had that issue before, there’s a bunch of stuff you have to do to get it to stick :expressionless: I really hated having to redo all that after deleting the game and reinstalling it one time.

Edit: No, don’t think I’m having issues with the new season though.

Whaaa? :scream: I love burning all those trees while coasting.

They can really screw up your runs on some bases though. Especially with hunters and trying to use death gaze.


I finally turned them off for that reason. A visual setting shouldn’t prevent us from hitting towers in the first place. Strange that PG never fixed that…oh wait.

Still can’t get mine to turn off. Hate it.

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