Shrine Dragon Removal

Look this is loooooong over due. Please modify /fix/remove the shrine dragon . When the dragon comes up it is not in anyway useful to any player above about 150 level wise. Also it wastes time and effort getting rid of him. Please if you aren’t going to fix it then…please… let us be able to just remove him from our lineup without running him. It is a punishment you are inflicting on most of the players and financial backers of this game. This would be a little something you could do to help.


If PG removed the shrine dragons or made any changes to it, it would cause a lot of bugs. So unless PG wants to add more bugs to the game, they can’t make changes to the shrine dragon.


Yep this is a very old complaint .
And one that has been answered by pg and sadly the shrine dragon is kinda like the base model dragon and is somehow tied to the code of the core game so deeply that removing it or altering it has historically caused massive issues and can’t be altered for that reason. :man_shrugging:


I wish you could change it, but you can’t


The shrine dragon is like the original coding of the Matrix … it cannot be over written nor removed. It throws off the balance of the already unbalanced system



Really? How hard is it to just ignore him? The drama in this post is a bit ridiculous, all because there’s a free thing that’s not useful.


Ahhh but it is useful ! :man_shrugging: I was literally was helping a Lv 10 just the other day this player was asking me to attack him so he could get the shrine dragon!
Yep he’s worthless for 90% of the player base but he does serve the very beginning players :sunglasses::facepunch:so not completely worthless and that new player was awful grateful to have the shrine dragon considering he was short on food for attacking lmao
Seriously on a side note why should any player be in a position where food prevents play ? :thinking:ehhhh another topic for another day lol
But I actually seen the shrine dragon making an impact just recently :sunglasses::facepunch:
Edit and yes is this really that big of a deal ?
Just because it’s not for everyone doesn’t mean it’s useless :man_shrugging:


Also zero food and zero healing time dragon. If in roster can always join as a follower. Always (even if you have no food cause you have just fed a dragon :man_facepalming:)


And yes this I had forgotten about that little utility feature and yes I remember leaving him in my roster for long periods of time to ensure I could always join :sunglasses::facepunch:
Awesome addition doctor :sunglasses::+1:

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Many people still use him as a filler dragon because he has a very high rate of rage regeneration so if they got rage drained the first time, they’ll use ryuu to regain some rage and then select a third dragon to finish off the attack. I see that quite often


And yet another utility based reason to justify his place in the game :sunglasses::facepunch:
And this is why i say our community is awesome!!
Nice addition deadly Reign and good flying tip as well :sunglasses::+1:



I’m a little surprised no one commented on this - it’s actually possible to do this. Just go to your roster, select Ryuu and click the ‘remove’ button like you would with any other dragon. Problem solved.

(I remember doing this in the past, but not sure if this has gotten changed since then)

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Thankyou for your response. I did try to remove it in the exact way you described and it does not work. Only one way I could get rid of him was to fly him. But yes that is exactly what I am requesting PG to do is to allow that.



That’s odd - I’ll go strikethrough my comment then :slight_smile:

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As I stated, maybe not changing the dragon. Just allow us to be able to remove him from our lineup. That is what I am suggesting.

Andy Rollins


Interesting :thinking:
Yes I was still under impression he could be removed more often than not he just stays there and gets a used accidentally at some point lol
Or I simply fly him for an egg mission or utilize him for something.
But yes I wonder why you can’t simply remove him from the roster :thinking:
Would need pg to comment on that for more clarity on that and if they can make that possible or not :+1:

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Thankyou all for your comments and assistance! I love this game just thought that would make it a little better. Game does seem to be pretty unstable after last update so I recognize changes bring uncertainty. Take care all!


Just making a suggestion. Feel free to ignore if too much drama for you.

I also saw that we can train that dragon
When i fly Ryuu and after the run if I tap on train now it showss upgrade your Den to level 30 to train this dragon
Is that really possible when we upgrade our den to level 30?
If so then that Ryuu might help some players