Shrine Dragon Ryuu

So, the shrine dragon is a good concept. However, we can all agree that it becomes useless after you reach a certain level. Unlike most whom think we should just do away with the dragon, I feel the shrine dragon could be resurrected. Can you make the shrine dragon upgradable? Once a player reaches a color tier by collecting all the dragons they are then able to upgrade the water shrine. You can also make the dragon evolve like the mega Divine dragons, or be customized like a dragon rider. Please think about it. I’m tired of getting Ryuu at my current level.


This has been discussed in a previous thread.

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I’ve come to the conclusion that bugs are never going to leave this game. I’d rather either choose not to have dragon now, or have it in a way that works for everyone

Yea but in order of priority? This ones a bottom feeder.

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I remember when I first started playing Ryuu was totally op compared to my other dragons and was really fun. Nowadays I use him for token tasks so he’s still useful.

So obviously a lot has to get fixed. I’m not asking for this to get fixed today. I want to know what your thoughts are on how to make Ryuu usable again. I’m tired of the dragon popping into runs. I liked how Ryuu was at the beginning of the game. A rare dragon to use that had a lot of impact. Now, we use Ryuu for drinking games or to annoy friends. With how PG releases new things rather than fixes, I hope to get some use out of an annoyance.

Its been suggested like ten trillion times. PG said they have no plans to alter ryuu, as it caused tons of bugs in the past when they tried.


Quoted myself from the other thread.

Run him on Microdoc real quick for token missions
Nothing worse than not picking a dragon fast enough, and getting stuck with this mutt on an actual run


I use it when i chest farm, he can kill the monuments. That or sometimes I like to use him in war when I hit late and only baby bases left. There are uses for him, get creative!

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