Shrine Meglok please

Can we please have a shrine Meglok for at least the third pvp event this season as it has been so much fun testing shrine Namaka.


I second that motion :wave::grin:


Umm no it’s a warrior… we know how they fly… the other mythic is a brand new style of flying and is sensible to give the players a feeler for the dragon. We don’t need a feeler for the warrior so you can know if he’s junk or not. There will be videos of him flying eventually


You do realize the only reason Namaka is available to fly via the shrine is because it’s a new class of dragon and no one has prior experience with how it’s meant to work? If you can’t fly a warrior, allow me to point you in the direction of good old Amarok, available in your roster to fly on any base of your choice every! day! :scream:

Alternatively, :chunk: at your service.


So it hasn’t been tested? :eyes:

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I agree with the OP, and it’s always best to test dragons for yourself. Even for a class that’s been around for years. Even if the GPF says it’s good.
Best to know for yourself.


If you want to nitpick, sure. We could also start arguing that Namaka shouldn’t be testable as a shrine dragon anyway, since apparently the experiences of the GPF (which are not always what’s produced in the final product anyway) translates into an ideal flying experience for every other person as well.

It’s unlikely PG will allow Shrine Meglok to be a thing. What happens if some whale decides it’s too shit to spend on? :woman_shrugging: Namaka at least has no precedent for expectations to be developed off.


I’d love this. It isnt just about flying the new class of dragon, every new mythic should be testable so that players can get a feel if they like them or not. It seems really crazy to pick a mythic that you dont have a feel for yet that you might end up disliking. That’s how I was last season, I wasnt sure if I wanted Ronin and if I’d enjoy flying him or not. It’s not like the shrine is all that useful to anyone with Ryuu in it.

However, my biggest concern is would all of these game problems continue if Ryuu was repeatedly swapped out? As much as I would want this feature, I wouldnt be willing to keep dealing with game breaking issues just to test fly new dragons.


There are 13 weeks in a season. Having a few weeks throughout the season to “trial” the dragons is a great idea and I hope they continue this and expand on it a bit more


Right? They’ve set an interesting precedent with showing that they have the capacity to “preview” dragons before people then purchase them with sigils. Players have been requesting a “play before you pay” feature for several seasons now, so it’ll be interesting how PG proceeds now that the technology is in place.


The only thing I think they could do better is the scaling. I think they should also include den level in the scaling so if people are behind they don’t get a dragon that is double their current power. It would also resolve the dragon levels for the den levels that aren’t released yet


I noticed that they seemed to be using the max possible dragon tier and den level for your current level. Checking mine I was 3 levels above my current dragons levels because I was dragon capped.

That being said I felt that Namaka was well balanced and just slightly over powered to my current dragons which is what I didn’t expect, I expected her to be a lot stronger. I feel PG got the balance is right for my level, 216 and just made her that few levels stronger so I have something to aim for and actually want to get her.

I do think that PG should take this trial and extended it to Meglok as that may encourage more people to get a dragon they have tested and like, rather than guessing if its going to be good for them.

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It’s a good indicator if you’re behind on breeding though. :sweat_smile:


Of course if PG was to do this they will have to be sure to create viable mythics every season. So the preview can entice for both mythics and not just one

Or just give people a false sense of power :man_shrugging:


This 100% :woozy_face:

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I totally agree! This is a great idea. If PG made it happen once, they can program it again without too much effort.
And why isn’t a Namaka available for longer?

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It will be back next week won’t it?

This, in the end, is probably what’s stopping all the suggestions to make the shrine a rotation of new mythics.

Yeah as said before - now that they’ve shown that they can swap the perch dragon, it would be AWESOME to be able to try-before-you-buy seasonal divines this way, especially mythics.