Shrine of Elements - which dragons to keep at Harbinger?

Given the new den structure, I have now blown through to Vanguard for my seasonal mythic dragons, which I had at Harbinger for last Temple Raid event, making the Shrine Guardians a piece of cake. I have held off leveling my legendary dragons to Vanguard, though, because I have no confidence in any of the regular divine Harbinger dragons for this purpose. Would eventually like to level a couple, though. Of Gunner, Prospero, and Dreth, which should I continue to keep at Harbinger to clear the center Shrine of Elements guardians? Any thoughts/advice is appreciated. Thanks.


I am in exactly the same place as you so I’ll keenly take on board people’s opinions on this one - and Gunnar is a good shout I reckon. :+1:

Gunnar based on the list you provided.

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