Shrine of the Elements, what’s the difficulty curve? (formerly: PvP event in atlas)


Does anyone think the shrine & elements is easy or hard to complete? And is there a strategy to it or not?


Ummmmm… are you asking about the current PVP event that is taking place in the main game? As far as I know there’s no “middle island” in a PVP event in atlas…


Is there even a pvp event in atlas?


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I just think OP is talking about the Main game event. Please refer to these threads below for more information on Temple guards and / or Shrine guards and completing them.


Since the original poster was talking about the event that is taking place in the main game, I will be adjusting the section of the forums this is in, as well as editing the title so that it is clearer :slight_smile: (I am doing this as part of my duties as a moderator).

To people having difficulty beating the bases in the center island, let me redirect you to this thread:

Now, I have not seen the video for myself because I do not want spoilers on how to tackle the bases. I already cleared the orange level bases, but I want to be surprised when I fight the harbinger bases (which will hopefully be the next time this event is run).


I dont think they are too hard, just put some gear on Amarok etc, its easy to finish all. Only the super Archers at some Harbinger stages are crazy thought🤣


What do you think about the order? I mean gearless dragons.

I think Glacias is way harder than Obsidias or Fluxias at Orange… (perhaps the hardest…)


Yeah, the hardest ones are 2nd and 3rd thought, the rest is easy.


I only had trouble with Glacias and Ignias, the ice turret and fire turret bosses. I had to put a rider on Amarok to finish those two. The rest were easy in comparison, though it was pretty wild to see a screen full of cannon, arrows, etc. on the others. :joy:

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