Shrine uber guardian too hard?


I got to fight the shrine uber guardian this time, and got completely destroyed. I’m stuck at the 3rd Uber Harbinger guardian. The difficulty level is too much.

1st Uber is easy, solo it with my Pathox.

2nd Uber has ice turret with at least 5x HP. Got 80% with several tries.

3rd Uber is insane. Its cannon towers fire like a machine gun. Is this for real? How do I beat it?

4th Uber has machine gun archers, but other towers are used. This makes it 2nd most difficult

5th Uber has fire turrets all over.

I beat it after many attempts and energy chests.

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Reverse Projectile?


Git gud 🤷


Tried, and failed. You can’t kill the red mage fast enough.
The cannon shoots 4 times a second. You need to have constant reverse just to stay alive.


Cannon resist?

(FYI haven’t tried it)


The thing kills you even with cannon resist.
Plus the trebuchets will mess you up.


Anyone tried the 3rd Uber guardian yet? Is it behaving normally?


My team hasn’t made it there yet, but considering my roster is stuck with level 16 lineage harbs and NO divine harbs (I’m only lvl 300 :sob:) I think you’re doing better than I will :sweat_smile:


My first thought is that you might not want to try such a binary dragon (pathox) that requires you to kill all towers before advancing. Do you have gunnar where you can freeze the cannons, take out the mages and move on to the next island?


Can’t Sylphen be used as lead? :thinking:


No idea, i use him on invader only but makes sense to gaze the reds and lock down the rest, and recoup rage as you chain things


I guess the machine gun cannon is behave as intended. My level 20 harbs are just not strong enough. Got this gif from the above post.

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We have beaten the center island hours ago, I asked my team to help here with their wisdom.


Afterall, Shrine island is the most exciting part of this event :laughing:


It’s supposed to be challenging. You need a combination of dragons and skill to succeed.



Can this suggestion be suggested again?


This is actually the first time I had zero problems first try. The last temple raid was ridiculous.


Each island has one tower that’s really buffed! Use Fomhar and equip the necessary resists and it’s really not bad

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I know I only had baby Lokan last event so couldn’t clear :joy:
Wanted to try this time because all the threads about them being so difficult!
Using Fom flys right thru them without problems
I’m thinking they maybe made them weaker this time around because of it.


Good news, it’s beatable! I did it with level 20ish Harbinger dragons. The machine gun cannon is most difficult for me.
The dragons I used are Sylphen, Fomhar, and Pathox.

Slyphen: kill red mage on 8, chain towers for later dragons, and kill blue mage on 7. Its role is to setup base for Fomhar.

Fomhar: Entrap and Vanish your way to island 5; clean up some towers along the way. Its role is to soft up the middle Long Island for Pathox.

Pathox will clean up the rest of island 5. You’re almost there is you can clean up the middle Long Island.

Useful spells to equip are resists, reverse project, and invincible shield.