Shuresh - how far do I need to go?

I have read in the forums that Shuresh is a good rider for Shogroth. I have Shogroth’s harbinger stone. How far do i need to get with Shuresh’s path to have the pair relevant to harbinger level?

For riders, the most common option is All or Nothing



If you’re only going to ever use him on 1 class (or want to waste 10k rubies resetting him) then you dont need the final set of rider shards from the last key but you still need to do nearly the entire line. That last line is only a couple thousand sigils to finish and has like 6k embers in it so not much reason to skip it. Having the option to move him to a dragon of another class in the future is pretty good. I only did the invoker skills for Naja and then saved the remaining 50 skill points for the future.


But still, the cost of doing it is missing such a very good prize for 2.2k sigils (+key)


You could skip the last line. It is not needed to finish one dragon type boost. The last line only adds boosts for a second at least partially

So if all I want is the invoker skills for Suresh, is it correct that I need to go to tile number 63 (first line, 3rd page) that gives 80 rider shards

For a total sigil cost of 32300?

Is there anywhere that shows detailed info like
Season tile. Level achieved. Skill points awarded.
For the leveling info on the rider