Shut PVP battles

not fair when people attack you and you cant defend , this Huge Bug with the banners is bigger than having no chat. is very simple shut pvp battles untill you fix the bug thanks.

Sometimes it’s not a bug.

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It’s part of the chats disappearing, it seems. People are having both issues consistently. But this is still a duplicate topic.

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how fair is for teams hitting your castles and you cant defend attacks

Aka. People cheat too.


Sounds like a really familiar team… who was it again… ah yes TaiwanWonder . They are suspended from atlas for that!:smiley:


They moved 100% of their players to another team with Atlas and hit the same teams and players.

Nothing changed with the ban.

They need to start banning ACCOUNTS and not just suspending teams Atlas access since that doesn’t work


like they say it in Mexico with money the dog dances.

The banner bug has been here for a while now before the missing chat I’m getting vibrates and no bunner that told me that’s there something wrong with it for a while and then I wanted to know for sure there was a bug so I hit the button to go to hit bases and for a half a second before loading screen came I saw the banner it was just hidden

Ahh yes, let’s all start reporting now so that we might have results within the next year.
What team they on now?

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Will be a call out so if you want I can PM. We are currently battling them in atlas and yes they cheat a lot (only certain players)
From support I got an advice to restart the game if I can’t get into defense or when their prims are in the castle but not showing on the list :joy:


Yes pls pm team name

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Yep didn’t take long for them to start their shennigans. Same players, new team name and same cheats.

I wonder how they took over a gold team with Atlas access so quickly?


This is not the same I had this issue you discussed about vibration but no banner. after my team chat went out I never received any banners or vibration. I had to leave my team & rejoin which seems to have resolved the issue for now.

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Yeah send to me.

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we lost a lot and pg like always im sorry i can not give u anything for free ,

Yeah that’s because they count on you to buy it. It’s all about the money, not about the players. To hell with what any of us want.

i spend a lot of money this season but is the last one.

can you PM me the team name? :eyes:

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