Si Kirin powerful?

Hello !

I have Kirin at level 12 and for now I find him very weak.
Does anyone know at which level he will become useful ?
To compare my Leos at level 10 has 280k attack and Kirin at level 12 has 70k -_-

Thanks for answers

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Kirin starts at red tier… Leos started at what? Orange?

When you get Kirin to same tier your Leos is in they will be same number wise… Kirin will be more useful though.


Kirin starts at red tier, not orange like Leos, so level 12 isn’t the same as level 12 for Leos. The higher the tier the stronger the dragon’s attack power.

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Thanks for the insult il wasn’t usefull…


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To Coach and ErisNyx, thanks for the answers, I forgot the colour tier details :sweat_smile:

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I haven’t lvled up Kirin high enough.
But to me, the best use of him is to clean mage drain island and battle-cry for your backup dragon?

Thats a perfectly good use for this dragon. To make it easier to take out those big bases in a war.

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