Siege Waepon to Energy Pack

When you change Siege Weapon to Energy Pack?
I have Siege Weapon :joy:

@Arelyna @PGCrisis

They changed the rate! No longer energy! :roll_eyes:

For every 1 Rare & Epic siege weapon you’ll get 1 healing potion.

And for every legendary you get 5 tower boosts of your choice!

But they have a special going on right now if you trade them all in at once you get 10 archer resists spells and they will allow you to equip them on any dragon you like! I’m definitely going for this one!!


Did you see you’re in that picture above? Lol… 265 points… not bad… I’d attack you.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They said they would do the conversion before the next pvp…not like a few hours after this one ended


:joy: No not until your reply…:grimacing:

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Are you sure?

I’m fairly sure he’s trolling us :laughing:

Troll/Trolling is such a harsh word!
I only joke around! :grin: I’m sure it’s obvious enough to where nobody will actually believe it! I hope :grimacing:

I was freaking out and was looking to see where they posted it. :flushed:


Oops. Only 260 pts for your base. Screw that. Lol… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Well… :thinking:

I think u cut out an important part

It’s also at the bottom of your screenshot


Now that the event is over where do we see how many siege weapons we have left to exchange?
Also is this going to be done automatically by PG. Or will we need to claim them somehow?
Sorry for sounding ignorant but I seem to have missed being sent info about how the last KOTH was going to be run.

In the immortal words of Bullet Tooth Tony: You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.

When will this exchange happen for everyone? @PGEggToken

Mine already happened…

I know nigh… almost all the team has gotten theirs but still haven’t seen mine

:flushed: sorry puppies

Incase PG forgot:

Then these were credited later:

My leftover energy packs:

And their conversion rate:

And let’s not forget:

I know they have till next pvp to do it, they said