Siege Waepon to Energy Pack


Did ya message and ask how many packs ya have now? Maybe ya clicked through the presents too fast?


I have a support ticket open since last night

My ticket incase someone wants to check on it or respond to it

(@PGJared, incase you want to take a quick look to see if they were added)


Too bad there isn’t a way to check the quantitiy fo packs without being in a PVP.
hint…repeated idea for the future…hint


Maybe PG should replace Dragon Fragments in settings with a Inventory


509 legendaries!? :scream:


Looking into it now. If anyone else has an open ticket about this, please PM me the ticket number and I can do some investigation.


Thank you ma’am

And it’s the correct amount. :fist_right:t4: :fist_left:t3:


Holy crap that’s a lot of energy packs! :scream:

Does this come through just like the gifts do? I haven’t had anything yet but didn’t know when it was due :thinking:


I have the same problem.
this is the number of my ticket, I’m the only one of my team to have had nothing
thank you


I have not received mine either.


This is what I got from support.



Have you just been stockpiling seige weapons?


That is a crazy amount of EPs. Holy hell. :drooling_face:


Already done it came like a team prize :roll_eyes:


Thank you @Arelyna


Just curious why everyone is so concerned with “missing” energy packs. This obviously isn’t a batch system where they can send out the apology gift the same to everyone, I’m assuming that this would take substantially more time, and it’s still like 4 days before the PvP event treasure hunt.


Should be a batch system finished in a few hrs if that long.


I got mine thanks to Arelyna


I didnt get any, submit a ticket now just wait and see, as there is a few more days until pvp ill give them time to sort it


Not had any yet, raised a ticket but not a very helpful response.