Siege Weapon Timers


So as I sit here watching once again the spinning orange wheel of death, while my legendary Siege weapon wastes away, I feel like I need to bring the subject up again. This was brought up in the other forums, but I figured I would start it up again here. With this timed weapon lag in the event server can really cost a person the ability to get the points with the weapon. This needs to be looked at because it is beyond frustrating to be missing out on points waiting for the server to play catch up.


Edit: My mistake - the orange circle is the main page loading bit, not on the raid button; I’ll leave this here for ref, though.

If it’s still spinning after the popup score tally has come up, you can just tap it again instead of waiting for it. :smiling_imp:
Or if you want to play it safer, alternate between two raids.


Nope spinning after the raid before the score. So I can either close the event out or wait. Sometimes both as it sits and spins getting back into the event.


Pretty much lagging at every stage now. Watching a shadow dragon fly now.


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