Sigil Chest Crapshoot

So it appears the chests are chocked full of 25’s and 50’s now… I’m getting about 65% of what I used to. Anyone else notice this or am I just that unlucky?

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It shows you the drop rate in the tables so :man_shrugging:

25 21.43%
50 21.43%
75 21.43%
125 21.43%
250 10.98%
500 2.20%
1000 1.10%

Works out to ~108.4 sigils per chest if you open enough of them.

There is no longer any kind of benefit to open chests 10 at once, except for the time saved.

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Really? I’m not 100% sure what the new drop rates have changed about that. Could you elaborate? :open_mouth: :t_rex:


Opening 10 used to provide for a guaranteed drop of one level better than the regular “spin” for the chest type.

To simplify their odds calculations, they have removed this guarantee. However, to compensate for the loss of the guarantee, the odds have been slightly improved (at least over very large amounts of chests).

Here would be what 1000 Runic Chests would have gotten you under the “old” system (as close as I can guess):

Under the new system:


Neither of these accounts for the bonus chest, which for this many chests, would make a big difference.

But I never really developed this one, since it was basically the same every time it came around.


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