Sigil Chest drops


Sooo, I’m guessing sigil chests will be available during last event…How about restructuring the sigil amounts awarded. An rare drop should be way more than 25 sigils… no one should lose 1000 rubies for a measly 25 sigils opening 1 sigil chest…especially when one can get that opening 1 bronze chest. A more fair value for sigil chest would be common 125, rare 175, epic 250, and finally 500, and 1000 legendary… that would make more sense since the price of divines have gone up… makes people want to utilize their rubies more…


Unfortunately, there is no common and rare in Sigil Chest. The fabulous 25 sigil is… Epic :roll_eyes:
Also, 125 sigils is epic in Gold chest…


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But, why you just open SS Chest when you only have 1K rubies?
I think if you only have 1K rubies, you can open 10x Bronze chest lol


Definitely a good idea…for the players lol. PG will never increase sigil amounts even in sigil chests because they know everyone goes ham on spending for sigil chests at the end of the season.


That’s too good IMO. And there will be much harsher backlash such as 200% - 400% price increase for sigil price.

I’d rather use Gold Chests sigil drop as standard… (125 epic, and 225 legendary)
if they need to be changed


Isn’t that a bit much. When sigil chests right now give 1000 sigils for 5k rubies and have the best value for sigils in the game I’m not sure they need it. Don’t get me wrong I’ll definately take it.

I just don’t know if they need it


If your talking about doing this now… then this is a horrible idea…
Now restructuring for next season is they are still around… sure why not…

Switching things around mid season has caused a few blunders this season to say the least…

People take so much time strategizing how much goes into a season, how they will spend their rubies for what discounts are available… I think it would be a little upsetting to some that have fully invested in this season already or even those whales that are almost finished with both branches… to turn around and have sigil chests possibly paying out way more sigils on average…

Just IMO though


You bring up a valid point Toro, if you wish to encourage players to open sigil chests, there should not be 25, 50, and 75 amounts in those chests. Those amounts are for the bronze chests.


How much sigils on average from 10 gold chests? Forgot it again😅

Sigil chests are around 1.1k for 10 I guess?


200 as far as I Know. I could be wrong


Yep between 203 and 217 sigils average from 10 gold, varies a little depending on the event.


I’ve opened 316 gld chests during W2 (fight pits) for getting Cav and I got 6275 sigils, 198 sigils per 10 chests :frowning:


Sounds about right, the average would be 6530, so you had one or two sigil drops less.

With the chest predictor, you can het better averages for short streaks of chests, but over 300 it will always be close to average. Basically I open 5 gold chests almost every week, and then check the prediction to see if I want to open more. In the past 8 events where I did that, only two had a good enough streak coming up to open more. But on those bits I got nearly double the average number sigils and pearls.


So minimum one would need 160,000 rubies to get 6,000+ sigils in gold chests :hushed:


Not quite?

6000 sigils => 300 gold chests => 30 x 4k rubies => 120k rubies.


Need 13k to finish pathox, So I guess I Will need sigil chests


Probably, unless you want to spend 260k rubies. The gold chests would get you about 22 months of timers, 76k embers, 50k eggs and 7k black pearls in addition to the sigils, but cost about 200k rubies more.

Even if you have that kind of rubies, I think it would be more effective to spend 60k on super sigils now, and spend the other 200k rubies on gold chests at the start of next season to get discount dragon awards.


Was the1.1k sigil average with the 5k sigil chance included?


Last season I opened 20 sigil chests and got 800-something in first 10 and 1000-1100 ish in next 10 :joy: it’s all about luck. No 5k for me and pretty low amount overall. Still I’m going to open some this time. Maybe 80 planned will work better.