Sigil Chest drops


Well you’re both right. There is a fixed sequence, but since where you start in the sequence is random and you can’t change it, it’s still luck that determines if you get good drops or not.


Instead of luck or sequences I would live better with a fixed amount of maybe 1250 and a final bonus of 500


There are no 5k sigils chest this season, right ? I didn’t see any announcement, shame… :disappointed:


Why would there an announcement of everything that’s not here? There are also no double sigils on the event, and no double sigil gold chests this week, in case you were wondering.


Its not really random if you wonder… the % used to be written last season or the one before.
I wrote them on my Excel tabler. I open 200 sigils chest, and what i receive is EXACTLY what the % said!

Maybe if you open 10 chest there is a part of luck/bad luck, but on the long road it will always come to the %!

If you get a good pull, you are sure you’ll get a bad one after. (Younwill never get 2 x 1000 sigils in 2 pulls lol!


I know that, I’ve seen that post of yours I believe.
What I meant was to have the same drop always, instead of that mechanism because of the players that don’t open that many.


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