Sigil chest instead of runic chest?

I’m just curious because I have a lot of gems to spend. Are they going to do the same as the end of last season where they switch out the runic chest for sigil chest, or is that just for special circumstances?.

In the entire time I’ve played, they have always provided some kind of sigil makeup mechanism for the last two weeks. The cost and what mechanism could definitely still change.

The last iteration cost more than 4K for 10, and dropped nothing but sigils, but more than normal. Definitely the cheapest way to complete a line, but if you value the other things in good
Chests they aren’t necessarily better value.

IIRC, during the last event, all drops are sigils, from 25 (duh!) to 1,000

Let us see what tomorrow they will bring

I’m also curious as I need to complete one more line

If I am not mistaken, they have always activated those bonus chests on Friday / suturday night (In Europe) until Sunday to Monday night.
So there is a Chance for everyone to complete 30/30 silver chests and get a free legendary drop for free

Sorry. Bad SS :sweat_smile:

We will see :wink:

That’s a CF member in the photo. PG gives them info to release to the public. So we’ve already seen.


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