Sigil chests and guaranteed legendary drop

So the sigil chests have replaced silver chests, but the meter above for a ‘guaranteed legendary’ after opening 30 chests hasn’t reset to zero. Mine still says I’ve opened 23, even though that’s the number of silver chests I’d opened before the switch.

So my question is: if I open ten sigil chests, does that get added to the meter even though the other chests were different? Will I get a bonus legendary sigil drop? Or is the visible meter a ‘visual glitch’ with some undisplayed bar tracking the actual, separate, count of sigil chests that I’ve opened? Or alternatively, do I end up just getting a bonus legendary rune once the sigil chests are unavailable again?

Just wanting to be sure before I spend those precious rubies! The extra legendary would be the sweetener.

Expect this is an easy answer, and sorry if it’s buried somewhere deep in one of those other threads on sigil chests.

Yes it will.

Excellent, thanks for the quick response!

You will get a legendary sigil drop, not a legendary rune drop. Go for it.

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Another thing about the bonus chest. If you save up and have a bonus Silver chest but don’t use it then when the Runic or Sigil chest appears. Bang automatic Bonus Runic/Sigil


Awesome to know, thanks for the information.

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shhh, this is a secret and you guys are going to get PG to take it away… :wink:

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It was already in another thread for way too long before people realized what they were doing :rofl:

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Silver chests are back for those who care.

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