Sigil chests? Anyone open any? What was it like? 👀

The title says it all. I’m tempted but wary of them …




Got the same sequence on both accounts haha
(I guess the epics are different).

I hate you…

20 chests— only 3 250 sigils

There’s sigil talk & opens here:

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TWO 5ks?? Luckiest dude alive.
I didn’t open any, and I don’t think I will, unless I want those 50 gold chests… which I might. :t_rex:

That is crazy :drooling_face:

I misunderstood at first. Lol.

Two different accounts.

Two 5k drops in a realistic number of chests is impossible, AFAIK. on the same account.

Ohhh. Okay, two different accounts. Still a lucky duck, lol. :t_rex:

You say luck. I say he played long enough.

Just like getting 3 legendary drops of armor in 5 attempts. It’s not luck at all. You’re not rolling dice. You’re drawing cards from a deck that is not shuffled every time.


I’m 1210 sigils short of getting the 400 pearl prize. What to do? :sob:

Fair enough. You’re the number guy, I trust ya. :stuck_out_tongue: :t_rex:

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Open sigil chests until you have enough or until you get the 5k drop?

But I ruin the magic.

I should stop.

But then I’d want the gold chests too … why must I be so greedy?!? :pensive:

And you see why the game makes money.


Nahhh. It’s cool to know what’s behind the curtain, even if it kills any surprise factor or whatever. Nothing’s complete without the nerd rattling off facts and numbers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :t_rex:

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So you’re the kind of guy who wants to know what your girl does to look so good. :joy:

I mean, sure?? :rofl: :t_rex:

Does it involve algorithms?