Sigil Chests at Seasons End

Sigil chests during the last two weeks should be 4K, just like gold chests. Whaddaya think?


That would be amazing as long as the quality is maintained. I’ll be honest I’ll be happy if they are the same as last season. Pure sigils. Nothing else and at a cost of 5k with an average return of 1k or above per pack of 10.


The average is closer to 800, unless you open at least 50. This does not include the bonus chest. If you open 50, you are almost certain to get a 1k drop, and then the bonus chest. This pushes the average close to 1000. But if you get only a few, and do not open them 10 at a time, do not expect to get even 900 in 10.

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I agree with you, that they should be 4K. It is irritating when 7 of the 10 chests add up to 250 sigils.

I have only ever opened 2 sets of those last season, I think I got 2k on the first one and 1.5k on the second, they r pretty good if you have a few more prized to finish.

Why’d this get flagged lol


The chests come out the last two weekends isn’t it?

If you ask for chests at 80% of the cost, expect 80% of the sigils to appear in them (as an average)

I save all my rubies all season just for the sigil chests. Definitely helps me finish a dragon line with also getting egg bonus and half a rider chain, being a non spender it’s awesome
I reckon 1000/10 chests avg too. And 5000 rubies per 10 is fine

*just curious. How far are you in the branch tier?

Seriously, why was it flagged by the community? :stuck_out_tongue:

It just takes one :man_shrugging:

i believe it will considered at last week of season event end

IIRC, it’s during weekend of last 2 events.

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26 days left for season end, so there will be 3 event more i guess ?

Hi orca
Right now I’ve got ~13k sigils saved so I need another about 12k to get obsidian stone. Say around 1000 per event from prizes etc with 4 events left and I’ll need about 8000. That means about 40k rubies or so.
Been saving to see if they release another dragon

Wow… That’s plenty.
Due to the time left, and PG has released new rider, it’s unlikely that they will announce a new dragon this season.

Almost through LEOS. Beginning second page of EQUESTOR and KYLA. Goal: two dragons and a rider. Ambitious, I know! But with saved rubies and 1K per 10 chests, IF they cost 4K for 10, I believe it’s possible.
Hope Springs Eternal!!!
The point is, reasonable pricing increases motivation. Unreasonable prices increases resentment, cynicism and resignation. Hope PG is listening carefully. I’m not the only one saying this!!!

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YEH that’s what I was thinking too, new rider but likely no new dragon now. I still have someone incubating the next 12 days to think about it tho.
Having said that I’m only level 106 so even getting to obsidian tier drags is gonna take a little while :unamused:

I’m only level 72, and trying to get obsidian…
Hopefully I can get it though. Still needs about 2200 more sigils to get the next stone