Sigil chests...availability after plat chests?

I know it seems like a dumb question, but I’m somewhat new to current things in the game (having stopped playing for about 1 year + and came back not too long ago). with the addition of platinum chests and the removal of silver ones, will sigil chests still be available at the end of season as usual? the availability of sigil chests will greatly influence my decisions in starting/ completing seasonal branches. thanks in advance

Silver chests are not gone, just can’t open them this week. Next week should be able to open them, when the Platinum chests are not available.
Yes, I’m sure the sigil chests will be available for the last two weeks of the season as well.

oh, so the platinum chests r not permanent?


Introducing Platinum Chests

To help strengthen your base for your inevitable battles, we are introducing Platinum Chests! These chests will provide large amounts of the items you’ll need to upgrade your towers. With Platinum Chests, we’re giving away more items to help you level up your towers and strengthen your dragon army.

New Rarity: Mythic

Inside the Platinum Chests, you might find our newest drop rarity: Mythic. Amount for Mythic drops are at least 3x of their Legendary equivalent. With this new rarity drop, you’ll receive the largest amount of resources and items needed to strengthen your base.


Here, you will find a complete list of rewards that you can obtain from Platinum Chests:

Availability & Cost

Platinum Chests will be available for a limited time, starting in this week’s Fortification Frenzy event. Upgrade your towers and earn 16M points to earn 10 Platinum Chests in Points Achievements prizes. One Platinum chest will also be rewarded at the 54.1k, 615k, and 2.4M tiers.

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I see, tysm for the info

They have stated that they may bring them back at other times, but no other chest has been eliminated.

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