Sigil chests for completing UVS - Math help

Hey guys,
just wanted some clarification on the drop rates of sigils. I have a decent amount of gems saved up for the final weeks (~175k). So far, I’ve finished Gunnar’s line and Hildr branch till the 39th prize (16.2k sigils more to go). I’m fairly active and usually get the 400 sigil prize in most events.

I have not opened Sigil chests so far in batches of 10. So do not know what the average drop rate will be for them. Is the amount of gems enough to complete UVS line?

Thank you very much for any replies. :slight_smile:

You get an average of 1100 sigils for 10 chests (5k rubies). You need 41200 sigils more to finish both lines. Your current Rubies can alone give you about (175/5 * 1100) ~ 38.5k sigils. You’re pretty safe.


You should be more then fine since there is still so much time left in the season you will have finished hildr and already be around halfway done or more on uvs when the last week or 2 of season ends being on a team that hits the 1200 sygil team prize helps alot.

Thank you very much for the quick replies. Helps a lot… :slight_smile:

The mythic is yours lol

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Yay! :smile:

This is a bit unrelated to the topic. But still about UVS.

  1. Why are there 2 prizes after his Vanguard evo stone that are expensive but small prizes (500 sigils for 2 gold chests) present?
  2. What are the slots that say Mystery Gift mean?

This in the last season was the end price, only optional to be claimed as many times as needed for those that had sigils left over. but I believe, this season it might be part of the line to be collected.

One of this slot will be next tier evo stone (Empyrean Tier :eyes:) and the other one will be another prize item on the line.

Wow, nice that we are getting another evolution stone for free. Will the other three dragons also have stones added to them? Or only the mythics?

No one said for free! You will need sigils to claim them as well.

And it seems as if only the mythic dragons (surt as well) this season will get the next tier evo stone - all other season dragons will be capped at vanguard.

Oh my bad. I did not notice the Sigil amounts mentioned in grey for the Mystery gifts. Thanks for pointing it out. :smile:

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