Sigil Chests for this season


So guys, I know it’s pretty early but

  1. I’m wondering if we would get the 5k drop thingy luck again this end of season?
  2. What was the avg drop rate per 10 chests last season for you all ?
    Thank you in advance.

This is to pg,, is there any way yall could do something like the 5ksigil drop and the envelopes around supersigil chests?

No idea on 1, pretty sure even PG don’t know yet.

The average was around 1100 sigils for 10 chests.


ahahahah pg should plan ahead :3 thanks anyway <3


I am a fairly new player. Earned 25.6k this last event, Kingdom Wars, snd received 0 Sigil/Silver chests during the whole event. Are they a “buy only” option?


Sigil chests, usually available at the end of seasons, can only be bought with rubies.
Runic chests replace Silver chests in the Armory during PvP events. If you get silver chests during an attack, you will still have them, but you can only open them after the PvP ends. :t_rex:


no one received sigil chest in event
they are only available to buy 2 weeks before the season end with the cost of ruby


Season is not even one month old and you ask for sigil chests? Damn start play the game and stop complaining about everything 24/7🤦‍♂️
If play right you wont need those rippoff 25 sigil chests…


Umm. I’m not sure why you think those chests are a rip off but heyo.

Long story short we should see them in the last 14 days


Where am I complaining? ^^


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