Sigil costs up for rewards

Hello I just looked through rewards in this season,and I’m sure the cost of them this time around is higher.

last season some of the rewards cost 850 sigils I’m sure now they cost 1200 sigils.

Why raise the cost of rewards it is hard enough to get them now, is this another attempt to make players have to spend to complete even 1 string ?

But from what I can see the rewards have higher sigil cost now as you work through them than last season

It’s pretty much the same overall cost.
Portraits are now free, therefore the other prices have been raised.

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Actually 1 full branch (tile) is now 24170 sigil, I read it somewhere here. Last season they cost 25k, so they are cheaper.

Just a correction. Actually it remains same and is still 25k sigils

This season is 25k total for one branch, and you can get up to obsidian evolution stone.

Autumn I didn’t write down.

Summer I believe was 24770 up to emerald stone.

Spring was 24960 up to emerald stone.

Last winter was 20530 up to garnet stone.

Last autumn was 17840 up to sapphire stone.

Thanks for correcting me, and I apologize for being inaccurate.

Fall season is 25k

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