Sigil drops in normal chests- increased?

Hi, I have a question about the end of the season. The super sigil chests will be back soon- my question is: Will the sigil drop be increased for ALL chests (bronze,gold) or are just the sigil drops in the ssc increased? Sry for my bad English, I’m from Germany.

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The SSC will contain only sigils, and I don’t expect the increase of drop rate in the other 2. (Otherwise the SSC would be less appealing to buy)

Your English is great btw’s! Pride’s answer is historically correct and most likely the case this season too.


For clarity, the super sigils chests are a special chest that replace silver chests for a short time. The drop rate in gold and bronze chests do not change.

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The red letters are better value for money

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Are the super sigil chests ALL silver chests for a short time or are SSCs only in silver bonus chests? I’ve been told both versions so I’m a little confused. Thank you!

Super sigils chests(if they come again) replace ALL silver chests, not just the bonus chests.

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If you are set to claim a bonus silver, it will convert to a bonus super sigil just like it does for runic. Silver chests claimed during runs stay silver chests and you will not see them added or have access to them until the silver chests return.

If you have opened x amount of silver chests PRIOR to the super sigils coming out, your count of sigil chest will be the same as this is why the first point works.

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