Sigil ideas? how much sigil would I need to earn?


Is there any website which can calculate how much I’ll need to do as a free to play player to get the mythic?


You need 72k to complete the mythic IFF you finish the discount warrior within the 2 week period.
Else it’s 31k x 2 + 25.5k = 87.5k sigils.

There are several threads on cost and strategies of the season. I would encourage you to use the search feature and sort results by most recent.


Ok thank you
I’ll search and…can I finish the discount branch??:thinking::thinking:


It depends on how many gold and bronze chests you have, how many rubies you have saved, how well you do in the first two events, how many sigils you earn from team prizes and rewards…


Can I get the mythic if I get the 300 prizes
And my team gets the 300 prize as well?


No darling. The only one who can get the mythic close to free have been hoarding tons of golds, have diamond teams, and perform to max events. Others have done the math already.


you can if you have a ton of rubies to throw in sigil chest


PPPPPPAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY :dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar:



Dumb question but why wouldn’t it be 15,500 less than that if you get the complete discount line in two weeks?


72k with discount completed in the two week period


Godammit…I wanted pathox so bad…:cry::cry::cry:


I currently have 16k…
And I broke my back to get them…


My suggestion, save every chest and most rubies for the next 3 seasons until the next mythic hunter,then u have a chance


then it would be impossible for you as F2P, you gotta have about 300 gold chest at the beginning of season for the discount, do good in season for the 2nd branch and150k rubies at the end of season for mythic.
Else just pick the dragon you like and play for fun, stop thinking about the mythic


My advise is, play wise … get in frist 2 weeks the 50% branche…
in week 3-4 the 50% rider or eggtoken bonus, depending on how good you are per event.

After that safe your sigils, safe eggtoken and timers, … dont open more goldchests, because in fortification and breeding often not need. Just aim for good possible targets per event and win good sigil from, not overdoing like to beat all , that often let you loose much stuff, instead of getting much back.
If you safe a whole season and for example use your sigils to just earn more good prizes… you will have tons of rubies and gold chests after the season is done.

That way in next period you can open with what you have in first 2 weeks and do that again.
Its item based play, not dragon… but after month of month you will gain much chests and rubies at all , and one day could get 1 mythic just with that and good play :slight_smile:

Well of course it depends on player, team, league a bit too … but dont give up, play smart :wink:

edit: btw. i didnt get a final dragon until now aswell :smiley: just wasnt in the mode for it ^^ but i feel with you, when i was small i wanted samnite so bad , and just missed it :stuck_out_tongue:


They won’t be releasing pathox after next 3 seasons now would they?..
3 seasons…that’s like almost a year…


Well you feel my condition…
But I was gonna do that…
Until they released pathox…it’s not just any mythic hunter…it’s pathox I want …
I don’t know what I like about him so much
Maybe cause he’s crazy strong…his design…everything about pathox…I just love it…
I want pathox…other season drags…I don’t…


If pathox was a legendary I would still get him…it’s not about mythic…it’s about dragon that caught my eye…
And that’s pathox…just pathox…


I made a tool for this.


I doubt PG will release Pathox, ever again.
Most likely another mythic Hunter.