Sigil reductions for progressing in events

Why in the world would PG decide to reduce the amount of sigils for the more prizes we claim this is insane this has stopped many players from even being able to get an event dragon at all half the prizes include none at all what the hell!

It’s all in your head… :roll_eyes:


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They increased the amount in select pts. I am not complaining and u better not be.

This actually helps to see a scale but not at all what PG told me

What did pg tell you?

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I am also curious what PG told you. I made that chart based off previous Team Gauntlet rewards (courtesy of Mech and his vault) and what I see in-game right now.

And it looks like they’ve done what they told us in the forums: increased sigil prizes at select tiers.

Did you get a different response from Support or something?

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If only there was a good set of tables somewhere that keeps track of prizes and other in-game stuff. Sigh…

^ It’s in the notes :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


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