Sigil Spender tool - updated for Springblossom season


Am I the only one who noticed that the drop down menu for Pathox is missing Prize 25?



Oops! Accidentally had two Prize 26 in the data sheet. Aristrat had the same issue.

Fixed now, thanks for the catch!


Will there be an update on winter season? Thanks!


It’s only been a few hours. He probably wants to enjoy the game a little before he gets to work. Gee whiz.


I was already wondering the same thing :joy:


Wasn’t able to do this right away, made some updates just now. Let me know if anything looks iffy.


Thank you!!!

This thing helps keep me motivated during the long slog of the season :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve made some additions to the tool, but you’ll have to use a new link to get them:

It’ll now calculate how many chests, timers, tokens, embers and dust you’ll get when you spend your sigils. Let me know if it’s a useful addition, or if you have any other suggestions.


Love the tool! Is there any chance of updating to add Atlas prizes as well? I’m constantly having to total up how many more sigils I need for rewards so I know about many more of my troops I need to send to slaughter before the season ends!


I wonder if it would be possible to make an “Earned” portion of the goodies tacked onto the bottom (no need to fill up the central real estate with past stats.)

Say I’ve claimed up to Obsidian stone on a dragon path. It would be nice to know at a glance how much stuff I’ve claimed along the way, especially toward the end of the season.


I like the new data, and I second Snowbrents suggestion. Thanks!


Thanks, this is great, and you’re great :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve added Bjorn, and also rejigged the layout to include the information @Snowbrent suggested.


It’s amazing. Thanks, Badger!


I agree with @Snowbrent this is a fantastic update to this tool. Thank you so much for the hard work :hugs:


Updated for Wave 2.


Good work! Sadly the spell scaling killed my urge to spend more, so won’t be pushing for divines anymore.


Agreed, but this tool is still amazing for planning ideal prize paths. Thank you again, Badger!


Added the festive dragon.


And here’s the tool that nobody needed, because every reward costs the same, but I made it anyway…

It’s Badger’s Badge Bazaar, the Atlas version of Sigil Spender:

I’ve tested this even less than the original, if you can imagine such a thing, so use with caution.