Sigil Spender tool - updated for Summerkai season

I got fed up of doing sums, so I made myself a thing. It calculates total sigil costs for the various season prizes.

I thought other people might find it useful, so I tidied it up a bit and hopefully it’ll work! It might be useful if you’re still deciding how to spend your sigils, or need to figure out how aggressively to push in the remaining events of the season.

I’m not going to pretend it’s been tested extensively, so Iet me know if you find any problems with it. I may even fix it. Maybe.

If there’s already something like this out there, post the link and I’ll sheepishly forget this one ever existed.



Here’s the Atlas version:


Thank you for your contribution, it helps a lot and I no longer need to dig out a calculator to calculate my sigil costs HAHA :slight_smile:


This is exactly what I’ve been looking for for a long time :heart_eyes_cat: Thank you so much! :t_rex:


Thanks! Will help me anyway!

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Updated for the Duskfall season.

I’ve entered the costs by hand, so let me know if anything looks iffy.


Updated to include Portia.

Remember to select the type of sale (First Page or No Sale) for the prize branch you’re choosing.

Good job, man! You’re the best!

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Added Duskfall Wave 2.


I noticed that your numbers are off on Prospero. I think you accidentally copied part of the wrong line over. It was coming up at 28.8k as full cost. I have corrected it on my version but passing it along. :slight_smile:

Really? Comes up at 28k on mine…?

Oh no, I see the error. Oops!

Yes, it was. I just downloaded it right after you posted it was updated. Prizes 46+ were not right. Think you copied over the mythic line. Haha.


Shouldn’t make these edits late at night, thanks for the catch!

Shouldn’t prospero be 31k? :thinking:

I verified the numbers against the prize costs in-game. Prospero is 31k to max as advertised.

Yep, it’s fixed.

Added Somnus. Hopefully haven’t screwed it up this time.


Thank you for the hard work on this! I’ve been using it a lot this season on my quest for Pathox (who I will finally be starting on next event :tada: though technically I can get a few of the early prizes once the team prizes for this event land :grinning:)