Sigils chest's without 5k

So I just noticed that sigils chest’s no longer give the possibility of 5k sigils. I can’t find an announcement where this was intended. Anyone have info on this?

Super sigil chest have NEVER had the possibility of 5k sigils.

Edit: Don’t believe me.

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Yes they did 2 or 3 seasons ago.

It did. A long time ago. Probably still there just no one gets it.


Summerflare (I only have the data on 13th week)

AFAIK, it’s just that one season.

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It was a one time thing that they advertised. The fact they have not advertised it at any other time during sigil chests should be a hint that it was only that time


Yeah it was a one time event.

This one?

I believe they “Advertised” 5k that one time do to the fact everyone was getting there money back do to pg change his “Angus Shield” blast Damage output on Huitzil.



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