Sigils dilemma, should i continue?

Hi Dragon lords :dragon_face:
I’m in dilemma whether i should continue my mission to get Terris or not. Right now i’m at obsidian stone for Fomhar and done Samhrad 1st page. If i should wait for the sigils chest, will it be too expensive? If too expensive i don’t think i’ll continue to get Terris… Thanks for all the advices from yall :slight_smile:

I believe the average is 1k sigil per every 10 super sigil chest (5k rubies?).

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I would NOT get Terris if you are anywhere close to having Atlas access. His gear will be utter garbage compared to what you can get in Atlas (albeit its a guaranteed % but still not worth it)


I would personally get the first page if the cost wasn’t so out of the way


Yeah, if you want another rider, sure go for it if you have the sigils… haven’t seen the branch, but I wouldn’t waste time getting the gear… if you can get the rider to expert without needing to get the gear, do it.

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I recently joined atlas team. Is it true when i forge 1 gear, the type of gear like common, rare, epic and legendary will drop randomly?

Dang that will be too expensive, not worth my rubies :expressionless: Better i spend my rubies for gold chests during breeding event

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Yes. 5% legendary, 15% epic, 30% rare, 50% common are the general numbers going around

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So theoretically how many time do I need to forge to get 1piece of legendary gear​:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Theoretically 20 (100/5)

In reality when you get an epic you should really move on to the next slot piece and try there. So you will probably end up with 2 legendary and 6 epics in theory if you just craft each slot until you hit an epic or better.

But that’s theory.

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Just craft every piece until you get all legendaries and then pew pew

Btw, I think legendaries are less then 5%


Lol i’m tired seeing normal gear drop​:joy::joy::joy:

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