Sigils, gold chests, event starts and my general dissatisfaction with PG

At the start of, or what I thought was the start of, the last fortification event I upgraded my storage hut for about 1.0m in lumber. With the event banner on my screen. It turns out that the email confirming the beginning of the event didnt come until AFTER my upgrade. After some heated emails i was informed that i would not be getting my lumber back. Nor would i be getting the points for spending it.
In the current event I have earned and opened a 32 gold chests. Not once did I receive ANY sigils even though the drop rate is supposedly 66.67%. I informed PG of my disappointment in this and was told that they would send my issue to the developers. And that I should post it here as some of them might actually see this. Hey developers, I just want you to know how very much I hate you people and the company in general. The only people you truly care about are the ones that spend money on the game.
I am going to bite my tongue and not curse to to help and back because thagg won’t help.
Merry ChristmasChristmas happy New Year, happy holidays, whatever.

First time I heard about it…

The sample are too few. 100 for average epic drop, and 110 for average legendary drop (including bonus)

You may be getting confused by the in-game chest drop chances display. The chance of sigils is not 2/3 (66.67%). That’s the percentage of gold chests that give you an epic drop. The other 1/3 are legendary. Once your chest is determined to be epic or legendary, the exact item is selected from long lists of possible epic and legendary drops. Because the lists are long and contain many non sigil items, it’s unlucky but not crazy that you could open 32 chests without finding sigils.

The average sigil drop rate in this event is about 20 sigils / chest. unfortunately you have to expect you’ll have better or worse than average returns unless you open in large quantities.

There are a couple of chest drop rate tables and tools in Mech & Kate's Spreadsheet Vaults


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