Sigils in prize levels.. missing in prize level between 720k-2.5M!

Yes this has been a previous topic, they used to have some sigils you could see with hitting the + sign. But after 720k you will not see any sigils until 2.5M ! Come on PG! That is ridiculous!

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It’s to shorten the gap between spenders and casual players.

no incentive to go any higher than 720k unless you can get the 2.5m

Just the 1200 sigil team achievement. :roll_eyes:


That may be the case but they could have equally added more sigil to the beginning instead of taking sigil away…plus there’s a bunch more sigil after 2.5 for spenders

2.4M not 2.5M


Correct but doesn’t really matter lol

Why not break it down into 5 sigil intervals then and 500 prize tiers so it’s fair?

Answer: to push people to get up to the 2.4M point mark to get your seasonal dragon :wink:


Also smoothing it out won’t mean more sigils or lowering the 2.4m prize. It would mean pulling the 720k and prizes below that upwards to 2m.


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