Sigils in prizes

I see that the number of keys required to get a mythic seasonal dragon went up again! And I also see that in our prizes, it’s now no sigils for three levels!! my opinion, greed gets you nowhere and you are only taking the fun out of the game and will only lose out in the end.


The prizing for Breeding hasn’t changed.
However, it doesn’t give as many sigils as other events still


I heard PG’s argument for season key increase was because “Average sigils earned per player is going up”.
This could be wrong but still.
I find it useless to increase season keys. Those people who are getting more sigils, good for them. Now it’s ruined.
Lower level players could greatly benefit from mythics NOT increasing.
I know everyone can imagine the person laughing, you might even be them, we’ll never know.
But that poor poor soul that ended up with 18 keys last season isn’t.

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