Sigils keep or loose

If you have leftover sigils from an event will it carry over to the next event or do you loose them

They carry over between events but not Seasons.


Awesome thanks so much

I have a bunch of winter sigils, unused, from last year or something… lmao

I used the last of mine to get a little on Tor. :+1: First rider, now I know how they work.

But what if, say, you earned a chest with Summer Sigils in Year 1. You don’t open the chest until the Summer of Year 2. Would you, then, be able to use the sigils from Year 1 in Year 2?

Nope. Each season has a different name (Wintertide, Springveil), and therefore the sigils are different.


Really? I had no idea… but ty :grin:

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Pg originally stated that you’d be able to use them the following year. Then they told us someone misstated. The same way they told us evolve stones would work on any dragon way back when they released evolving divines.

Originally seasonal were earned with elemental embers, then they went to sigil lol

yes And when we first went to digits, that first fall season, with skarr and nightshade and stuff, in August before the season started, they said we’d be able to use the evolve stones on different dragons should we so choose. Then they went back on that.

Your chest contents are based on when you open not when you recieve. I carried over 60 gold chests from last season to this season. So when i opened i get this seasons currencey.

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The event chests you get at the end of events?

Gold, bronze, and silver chests carry over from season to season.

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