SIGILS rough Estimation

Does anyone have rough calculation on how much Sigils I can get for getting mostly 70% up of achievement rewards mostly up to 450 sigil mark in events For whole season? Excluding luck on gold chests , bronzes, and “end of event - team prize” rewards.


Chests are much better this season in my experience, I did aibrean in 2 events… that’s 14k sigils in just under a week

Same. Finished aibrean

That thread is slightly outdated.

PG has added team achievements that give a lot of additional sigils (100+300+1200).

Also you will get gold chests from event and season prizes and rubies from event prizes that can be reinvested in gold chests or super sigil chests (I get around 60-80k rubies per season).

Just some factors that need to be considered.

OP just asked for the 450 sigils calculation, which is what I used the link for. OP also said, excluding chests, etc.

No no, i put it as solved cuz the one above correct ish in a way, excluding chests and rubies usage for opening golds etc. So its like i can finish another dragon without discount + egg token boost + oksana 1st page. Still not sure tho, cuz we mostly get the last prize in teamprize too which is 1.2k sigils .

Edit: Not exactly accurate but rough estimation is there.

I just wanted to add some more info that was missing in the linked thread.
But thanks for pointing it out again.

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