Sigils - Where are they?

The event costs are extravagant and the drops are scarce. Are they only in gold chests??

You get lots of sigils after you finish all the season prizes and don’t need them anymore, so you have that to look forward to at least:)

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Well…I got Kayla, dbl egg tokens and went for Avyx. It’ll be a struggle to make it to sapphire with it and now another rider is getting thrown in when the event is almost over? Will that one cost sigils too?

You did more than me. A low or nonspender can, at most, hope to finish 2 lines, and that is pushing it.

So yeah, either spend or spend to do better in events and finish out the prize tiers.

@xxleighxx I assume you only got Kayla page 1? I did the same as you, Kayla first page plus token boost and I’m sitting on 22k sigils atm. There’s plenty to finish one seasonal line.

Yes. Only the 1st page. Been putting my all into it but I highly doubt I’ll finish any dragon tier especially at the cost per step. That’s the downside of being a nonspender :unamused:

Woops didnt meant to delete that. Just wanted to edit it to say congrats

Since it reduces your winning, it takes longer, but a dedicated elite only can finish the Mythic if he/she saves everything for 3 seasons. It sucks. But this next season would be a good one to start. It’s the first of the Harby dragons, so, they’ll be out classed by each new season. Saving for that long is very hard. But keep the goal on mind. Eyes on the prize. It can be done. It’s just insanely difficult/time consuming.


So no opening chests or spending rubies for 3 events?? Woooo that’ll be a feat for me but I’ll give it a go. Thanks!

Personally I disagree. You miss out on 3/4 of a year of extra speed ups etc from season prizes that would have earned you more gems and additional sigils along the way. Putting yourself behind for so long just to maybe get one dragon that will eventually be useless seems a bit silly

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It feels like a drastic move but thinking If I only claimed the sigils I win in prizes, I could farm the branches and still get prizes…It could work but I don’t think I have that solid of a resolve to pull it off lol.

Not 3 events, 3 SEASONS. Good luck!!!

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I tend to agree…and if you go for a mythic that ends up being poo poo you’re set back big time. And new tiers being released and such…

I wasn’t necessarily suggesting it just saying that if your don’t want to spend money, it’s not likely to be possible without a very large number of chests and rubies stocked up. Basically your need, at current costs 75k sigils per main dragon. You get about 250 sigils per 10 gold chests.

If you saved only rubies maybe since you would wish more it would take about the same?

There are not numbers I have run precisely.

It is definitely at least two seasons of boarding.

For elite only I honestly think getting one dragon all the way or getting two to the tier over where you are now maybe two) is really the best idea. This is just imo.

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Yeah I’m speaking as an elite only here and agreed. I mean that’s just a lot of saving and missing out on dragons to hope in 3+ seasons there is one worth getting. It’s also just way too far in advance for me to plan anything in general lol

I used to be a spender, now not so much. I would suggest picking 1 Line to follow and sticking with it all season. The large amount of gold chests you get closer to the end of the second page can really help in getting you the supplies you will need to get decent points in any PvP. That being said, I also would suggest saving gold chests for the PvP events.


Note: Sorry for all the typos… Darn cell phone. But I think the idea is clear.

Always always, always, open gold chests in sets of 10 during PVP.

Always open Silver on sets of 10 until you have on us chest. Sit on that until you can get something better.(doesn’t apply to free chest You get about every 20 hours during event… Can be opened only one at a time.)

Always open bronze in sets of ten (open free when as often as you can /every 15 minutes, 5 times a day each event). It doesn’t matter where when you open bronze, since they change so little.

My personal advice is to save them until the end of a season and one the all (unless you are very close to a sigil prize in an event.) By saving them and the opening all at once, you can have a better idea of how many gold chests to open.

On average gold chests (not counting bonus chest) net about 250 sigils per 10. Sigil chests net about 800 per 10 until you have opened 50, then the average goes up to about 950-1000 because the odds are good you get at least 1 1k drop every 50, that always pulls the average up.

General chest advice, from a long time player who kept track. Take it fwiw.

The advice about getting the Mythic is good. Generally, the Mythic is not worth the it. You probably cannot expert it. And you don’t know who the game will change by the time you can. It it always weighted heavily to the very end. So, you will it get close to the power you see.

Get the egg tokens bonus.
Get the rider if it’s on sale. If it’s not, see what others say.
Unless it’s one sale, the armor is not with the sigils unless you have that many left over at the end.
Focus on on dragon after you get the rider.
Take it as far as you want, but finishing may not be the best choice. Of you’re in good now. That dragon will. Be no good by the time you get to garnet. So imo, if you can, it’s better to get two to sapphire than 1 to garnet. But this is certainly debatable and depends upon how you like to play. If you prefer only one dragon type take it all the way.

The discount dragons are rarely worth it except for grabbing ad many prizes as you can during the sale without preventing you from meeting the other goals.

I don’t suggest getting the discount all the way, if you are not a spender. Necryx was an anomaly. Expect Abraxxas.

Sorry for the /off topic/.

The advice is reliable though, at least in general.


It is difficult to get to the mythic without spending. But the whole saving for 3 seasons can work. I did it. This is the season I use what I worked for and I should hopefully make the mythic. It’s hard but it’s possible.

It should be possible to cap a dragon a season with no gold chests or rubies if you play it careful and smart but it’s a pain. Trust me on that. With normal play between 1-2 capped dragons is a reasonable expectation. Just subtract the extra breeding token bonus if you go for it


So you are not spending sigils on anything except 3 main line dragons? Or did you grab token boost as well?
Also, how many rubies did you actually save up in 3 seasons? I am trying to save this season and at 40k rubies.
Is it possible for low level player to get through by 3 seasons of saving?

Since morphos released I didn’t open any gold chests and spent very few rubies at all. at the time I didn’t go for the token increase because I am a very “intelligent” individual who didn’t realise quite how useful it was till this season.

I saved about 120k rubies not inc this season plus around 250-300 golds not inc this season.

Absolutely it is. But expect to pay the price in the seasons leading up to it. I still capped necryx with some challange and I only just broke level 100 this event for some idea of my level