Significant Resource Issue - Dragon Specific Exotics

Good afternoon WD players!

At the start of this season a new feature was introduced where mythic dragons have optional exotic runes to boost the dragons power.

The cost to upgrade these exotic runes is 10mm rune dust each or 20mm rune dust for both.

If you get both mythic dragons then you will need 40mm dust.

For long term players this is probably fine. Many long term players have a decent stockpile of rune dust.

However I believe we hit an issue down the road where players don’t have the capability to maintain this cadence and will run out of rune dust in a few seasons.

A friend shared the above pic to me but when I claim my runes in a week I will barely have enough dust to finish 1 exotic.

Because we just don’t earn 20mm-40mm dust per season.

The runes and glyphs cannot be used on other dragons so they are effectively useless after 2 seasons.

I believe we need a solution to accommodate this huge rune dust drain.


  • Simply add rune dust to the mythic lines as a free choice node.

7.5mm of the 10mm requirement is probably fair enough. This can be placed after each exotic rune/glyph. I believe this should be free given how expensive these items already are in the first place.

  • OR let us destroy the runes/glyphs for 90% RSS returned to our inventory once we don’t need them in 3 to 6 months time.

  • OR let players equip these runes on other dragons.

Few mechanics to prevent OP dragons :-

Cap dragons to being only able to use 1 exotic rune and 1 exotic glyph at a time.

Possibly restrict exotic runes to dragon class rather than to a specific dragon.

Happy to hear other peoples thoughts or other potential solutions, cheers!


It has actually always bugged me that mythics don’t have any rune dust in their line even for their regular runes and glyph. I really doubt anyone even uses the epic rune from a mythic so just replace it with free rune dust


While this is first world problems it is a total pain the cost of these things and how useful the investment is in them.

A little dust in the line would be good depending on what it was replacing as you seldom get things added for nothing.

Why they even need levelled is beyond me they cost a lot and are locked just give them to me fully levelled or possible to level for like 2 or 3 million dust or less is better


guess it depends how you manage it


Now thats a decent stack of dust!

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max i think is 100m


Not anymore, the cap was removed a year or so ago


thank you for telling me that! the cap was dumb lol

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The op is talking about 2 seasons or so to come and getting both mythic eat 40 mil for the exotics to level you don’t have that much really it just looks like it.

If you are in a Kaitlin of doing both mythic and levelling glyphs then you would be right in a couple of seasons as well.

As would I but don’t ever get both


I have 144m rune dust. If you are out of rune dust then that means you literally upgrade every mythic rune you get for any dragon even if you don’t actually use the dragon. Also, they said the ascension tokens would have a trade in like the keys at next season start. That seems to be a better idea to me than wasting time on these runes.





I rarely use the legendary either lol but not everyone is in the situation to lose the legendary and replace it with a mythic or even exotic But yes more dust needs to be incorporated

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Where are you all getting this dust? I always can use some! I even crush my useless ballistae ones and all the old trash for more.


Really? I missed that :woman_facepalming: I collected the skin and don’t even use it as prefer the original.
That was a waste.

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Yea I kept asking until someone answered me lol. Nock went straight to perch so no reason to spend them. Now if they didn’t carry over I’d get his reskin cuz it looks dope

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I believe that a good fix for the rune dust situation would be to have a set amount available in the draconic and platinum chests,replacing the defence hammers,powder and defence shields,tha are far too common as prizes throughout the game.

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Can confirm the cap was removed:


thanks also appreciate the information


I agree we need to have a method to get more dust. I will get the mythic rune for Nockmar but I don’t have enough dust to max it out, and I don’t see any way to get more dust. I did purchase dust during the void event but at 150K dust per purchase you can’t get much dust. It would be nice to have some items in each line during the season to get more dust. I believe most of us use the dust for for legendary and mythic runes/glyphs for our seasonal dragons or from runes obtained from silver chests. I also agree that the epic rune on the seasonal dragon lines is a waste. NO ONE uses them.

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