Sigs needed for Festive and Dragconic Chests?

Anyone know how much sigs needed typically to complete festive and get all dragconic chests?

18k for the festive, 75k for all 600 dracs, 93k total

Great for resources but it does annoy me that the most expensive dragon in the game is always total garbage. The festive should be the one they’re putting the most effort into making viable.


Festive give 3 keys right? Do you know how many accession stone?

3 keys, 1 token

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How much is it to get 600 dracs in straight rubies during sigil chest week vs using rubies to get festive + 600 dracs reduced cost at the end of the line during sigil chest week?

Can’t be that much difference

60 x 8000 rubies = 480k

93k sigils = ~372k rubies in super sigil chests

So it saves around 100k rubies, And you also get 28k rubies worth of gold chests, some embers, egg tokens and rune dust, plus a bunch of festive shards which means less festive shards from the draconics.


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