Silver 3 / gold prime

Why havent we seen new Primes yet?

i understand why you want to wait with new primes there are many with low lev and a silver 2 lev 25 Sieger and Destroyer is wreck everything and i understand people want to even quit or dosent like Atlas when a max level attack a bronze or silver 1 kill ratio is ridicules kill 15k troops and loosing 0-3k troops with almost 0 glory

why not create a more or less useless silver 2.5/3 Primes with increase movement speed and max troops and a cooler visual look that that dosent affect attack or defend
Me and many other have maxed or close to maxed all primes.

time and work hours to implement this is minimal

i wouldn’t have any problem with upgrading useless primes if it gives me shards and diamonds and something to do

A completely new prime ( needs brainstorming with community )

Prime event is 1/4 Troops,Crafting,Troops,Prime and when top player cant do anything or get and prize its HURTS i max event gilves shards and i think 24k diamonds…

what you now PG is spitting player in the face and thats the player you should care about unless PG start to give away close to MAX prize on every prime event to maxed players.

having a new prime tier is a wrong way to do this always has been the power creep in this game is dumb.Having a new tier that doesn’t do anything but “look” different is not gonna do much either and like you said it takes minimal effort to cap tiers so that’s a bandas on the bigger issue at best.

the people with lower level prims still get glory for hitting and getting hit yes it sucks but can be mitigated with the season boosts to some degree but you’ll take some losses either way and i agree coming up in atlas that sucks but it’s also just the cost of playing imo we all did it.

the real issue is why didn’t prim training go out when feeding got removed ? both required the same concept and both were very limiting when you had gotten to well the end of the game.


How about a new prime instead of all this new tier nonsense?

Agreed, we don’t need more power creep in atlas

Any ideas for a new prim?

Acts like a Taunter but has the stats of a Seiger so bad idea or no? Balanced out defense with attack, so design might actually look like Oni or a new dragon

How about we just get rid of Prime/Rider leveling because it’s a garbage event anyway? As Thraiix said, it’s just Atlas’ version of feeding. For both Atlas and for regular PvPs
We. Need. New. Events.


We are getting a shrine event so maybe murder event with primes?

Im not exactly holding my breath on that one happening any time soon. For now I’d be fine with gear crafting every week. Gear events are over way too soon anyway with only 520k to max it and waiting 2 weeks to continue leveling gets very annoying


We don’t need more prime types the complexity of our attack mechanics is already ridiculous adding another prime is going the wrong direction if we ever want lag to be addressed we need simpler smoother mechanics not more complexity.
And we definitely don’t need more power creep by adding more tiers to our overly complex attack mechanics! :man_facepalming:
Sorry these events are basic and unimpressive and have been so since inception they are as sad as the core events were paying for currently.
Where is our money going ?

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Into PG’s Bank account

:scream::rofl: well I can tell you it’s not been used to develop new events lol

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Didnt they say back during the “year of the player” that there was a pvp in the works? We see what really happened with that. Imagine if they took the effort that they waste constantly trying to fix Kindom Wars for the 20th time and put it into a new event

Seriously, that is an excellent question. It clearly isnt going into keeping things working smoothly or fixing problems either

I believe Galileo said they were working on this… somewhere.

Galileo said that should be coming in February or somewhere near that time.

Where did he say this? I’ve seen new breeding tier in February but havent seeny any mention of a new event

I know they said they were working a new event but you should know I’m too lazy to provide he quote

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Blind power creep is not a solution. Point 3. in this topic explores that in some more depth including how G1/2 Prims may behave in the current meta: We want your thoughts as we look forward to 2021

Edit: clearly new prims are not generally favourable to the greater forums community either as posts in that thread requesting new prims tiers did not get that many likes.

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They’ve been saying they’re working on a new event for the last 2 years. That event should be eating solid foods by now

Maybe it’s a baby elephant event, although it should have been at least born recently by that logic :man_shrugging:


Baby yoda is old but still smol

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I’ve seen it somewhere on the forums, but I can’t find it. Trust me when I say I looked for a while :rofl:

Keep in mind that things have changed ever since Crisis and Arelyna left PG. What they were working on (along with the event team of course) may be something totally different than what Galileo is talking about currently.