Silver chess and Runic chess what's the point

OK what I’d like to know is what’s the point with changing between silver chests in Runic chess. I say this because 1I rarely ever see Runic chest gets robbed or collected anywhere and to every time I open silver chess all I ever gay is items relating to rooms either the runes themselves or room dust.

pg gets more money


Save your silver bonus chest til we have runics then get a free legendary rune

Stupid ac…

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in this way, i got a Legendary Fire Flak Frenzy :))))))))
(2nd boost is Red Mage Super Shot Damage + X% -_- )

That sounds pretty good!

You get free legendary runes every 30 chests anyway silver or tunic doesn’t matter. Should be bronze = common/ rare
Silver = rare/ legendary
Gold = legendary/ mythic
Runic = runes
Super sigil = sigils

Please do not put runes or glyphs in the gold chests. Those are filled with enough drops that no one wants.

Edit: that’s enough drops that individual players are unhappy to get. Not everyone agrees on what’s a bad gold chest drop because of where they are in the game, except for perhaps the base boost drops.

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I’m just saying I’d like more than just runic items from silver chests.

Apparently a long, long time ago there were event related items in silver chests, but that was before I started playing. My only complaint is that silver chests are only relevant in order to get the bonus chest that I can open as a runic chest.

Almost every single silver chest item that I get is only useful for turning into rune dust. I pretty much have all of the base runes I need. Any of the dragon runes I get aren’t really applicable to Sapphire/Garnet dragons, unless by some miracle I get a wisdom or rage rune.

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