Silver Chest false alarm

Many times when I got silver chest during PvP event (reward from attacking base), the reward counter is increased by one (I know that silver chest can’t be opened during PvP), giving false alarm (especially first few silver chests). As a result, the counter is not zero while I have no reward chest or achievement, even after reopening the event window, or restarting the game.

Can’t it be made so that the counter isn’t increased (or reset to 0) whenever I have no achievement?

I don’t think your silver chest counter will go up since what you’re seeing now is the runic counter. That just so happens to correlate to how many silver chests you had claimed over the last silver bonus. The silvers you are getting now from runs are in your inventory and you will see them once the runic chests go away.

Why do we get this comment every time a runic/sigil chests are brought back?



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I mean the counter of Prizes and Ranks

those are visual bug. You can ignore them if you see that you have claimed everything.

Wow, I wonder if THAT is what is causing the descrepancies that have been plaguing event rewards showing as a number (1-X) even when there are none to claim?

The fact the silver chests are replaced by another chest, thus there is nowhere for it to show you have X silver chests to open?


You can always ask support how many chest you have on your account.

You’re missing the point. For a long time now, the rewards tab has seemingly randomly shown you that you have a reward to claim when you don’t.

Could it be linked to getting silver chests during a run and there being nowhere for the game to show them? (When silvers are replaced by Runic or Sigil chests)

Nope, code wise, there shouldn’t be any connection between reward and armory. It’s mostly a visual bug like what the support say when you send a ticket about this.

but hey, magic can happen.

I work with enough code to know the weirdest things can, and do, happen. It’s at least worth looking into.

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I can tell you for sure your silver chests collected in flight do NOT get added to the counter for prizes and ranks tab. I’m not exactly sure how many I have earned this even but it is over 3 my count has been correct or +1 right after I collect. After awhile it catches up and is gone, or if I do hit the next prize tier it just stays one. Resetting the game does not clear the count, just takes time.

I’m skeptical. I just did a run, a silver chest dropped, voila, red one on prize tab, haven’t earned a prize since I’ve logged into game this session. :man_shrugging:

The bug with number of unclaimed event prizes has nothing to do with silver chests. They are unrelated.

The bug has to do with “programmers” who cant implement a simple algorithm without mucking it up.

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