Silver chest non sense drops when no silver around

I still dont get it why should we have silver chests drops during weeks when RUNIC CHESTS are active or SUPER SIGILS chests are active. during this weeks it makes no sense having drops of silver chests when I cant use them . It could be more beneficial for players that during SUPERSIGILS CHESTS OR RUNIC CHESTS , those drops could be runic or supersigils chests. we know that the amount that drops is low , I could get 2-3 silvers x day during 100 runs. so why not make something useful for all . it makes sense cause players would be more happy to get them even in low amount is better than nothing .

p.s : I would like some support on the subject and opinions . (even from pg ) :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course it would be more beneficial to players.
But it would also mean that they are giving away 800 rubies per drop instead of 200 sooooooo yeah.

the amount of rubies required could be the same , I am just saying make drops of these special chests during the weeks they are active

So you are saying:
14.3% chance of bronze
1.04% chance of silver
0.03% chance of gold
0.02% chance of a special chest

I could get down with that but I know that a ton of people would complain also that their friends got a chest and they didn’t and they would want compensation. There would also be questions as to why silver chests were replaced in the armory but they also earned silver chests during runs when their friends were earning special chests during runs.

But you fight your fight if you need


you are still far of what I am saying , remember we use to open gold chests for sigils and that was better . however this can be made without affecting balances in game

and when I say special chests I mean supersigil or runic according the week they put them . the drop rate can be same as normal silver ,however this just an idea

Round and round we go.

So i go back to my earlier point.
If they don’t give a worse drop rate, they are now giving players more rubies worth of items as a whole.

1k drop:

I’m going off the more cost effective 2000 rubies for 10 silver chests (200 rubies per chest) and comparing it to:

  • Sigil chests would be 5000/10 = 500 rubies
  • Runic chests would be 8000/10 = 800 rubies


it could somehow happen even with your math and be better than nothing, it is pg who could make some good stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope that they follow through with one item ** cough ember cough healing times ** which would be some good too :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a bit of faith, but not enough faith for them to offer special chests at the same rate as silver chests, i’m sorry.


special chests are supposed to be special - let’s not discuss the contents yet - so having them included in the general drop is very unlikely to happen. IF by any slight chance they would, the reasonable drop rate shall be the half of the gold chest’s… which is something very close to zero.

Oh, and just because we can’t open those silver chests now, they shouldn’t cease to appear (I must admit I get unnervingly many of them lately). Everyone will have lots of dust to start the new season with.

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