Silver chest rewards


Who else has not received the silver chest rewards In the event so far I had been rewarded 4 of them and there is no silver chest to open is this a bug now since they renamed them runic chest because it shows I have a reward but nothing to open.

Silver and runic chest

Check the mail again.

They said right there…The runic replaced the Silver chests this event.They will come back after event. and then you can open it. FYI, Silver chests are useless. Dont open them
Plus please take at least 3 seconds to use the search function of the forum instead of posting the same question. This had been ask like 10+ times this event
Mods can close this thread now @ModMat @Psarus


You didn’t even have to use the search button for this issue, it’s in your fricken email! What else can they do?!

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Copy and past from the other post:

You can’t earn runic chests, you can only purchase them. You are earning silver chests, but you can’t see them until the runic chests are gone and the silvers are back.

Closing this one. Thanks