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  1. Get rid of common runes. Mythic gear was released and with it, common gear was eliminated. We have mythic runes, so why do we still get common runes?
  2. Bonus chest drops legendary or mythic ONLY. It absolutely SUCKS to earn and open 30 silver chests, get to a “bonus” and get some worthless epic rune or dust. Its a “bonus” and it takes 30 other chests to get there, so make it a bonus.
  3. To balance the “economy” around the two changes above, remove all possibility of a mythic rune dropping from a regular silver chest and decrease the possibility of a legendary.
  4. Get rid of that infrequent $20 pack for 1 rune. This is a straight up money grab and every player knows it. The player base isn’t opposed to spending money or PG being profitable, we have a problem with it being shoved in our face. I know this will be highly unpopular with PG, but the others above should balance that out. Want a mythic rune - 2 ways to get it seasonal line or silver bonus chest. You can either grind to get bonus chests at a slow pace or you can buy silver chests to get more bonus chests.
  5. Super runic chests - nothing super about them and I refuse to buy any. Why would I buy a chest to get an epic rune? I get good value out of the super sigil chests if I want to finish a line. The value of super runic chests compared to super sigil chests is :face_vomiting:. If you’re going to keep them, them make them actually “super”.

Added suggestions:
6. Add glyphs to the silver chests. I didn’t even realize they weren’t there, which shows just how “excited” I am in opening chests since the contents have been literally “blah” since I started playing.
7. Refresh the list and make the drop rate correlate to what people actually need. This should be really simple. Ask the GPF, compile list of their suggestions, let them vote on the list, take the top n items voted on.

  1. Common gears were discontinued some time before Mythic gear appeared if I recall correctly. Exotic runes aren’t freely available yet for them to discard common runes completely. They may be working on something when they release more of these special runes? Who knows.

Happened at the same time :hugs:

But yeah, common runes need to be burned to the ground and forgotten about

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Common runes don’t drop from silvers?

Eh. Would rather they fix silvers in general or I screwed the rate overall in which legendary drops fall.

See drop rate table comment. Just change the pattern and it solves problems and is easy to balance.

Packs are bad in general.


I wasn’t sure so I didn’t want to give wrong info as certain :sweat_smile: Thanks!

Along with ballistas and ballista runes :unamused: and then some

Bonfires got your back :grin: (saw them replying while writing this… Sorry couldn’t resist :sweat_smile:)


Why should mythic runs be removed? Also I’d like to see a lot of runes added, that aren’t available in there. What there’s about 8 useful drops in the whole drop list? Come on.

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also add in the glyphs into silver chests. they are super rare to get, pretty much only from event rewards and since PG doesnt change them in the rewards we always get the same. on top of that since a year or so we only get “hunter attack, warrior hp tc” and no way to earn glyphs like “lightning striker” anymore because if theres a lightning glyph in the reward it it “lightning attack”. seems unfair to me that some players have that rune from when they were in rewards and for new players lightning towers arent viable anymore because they cant fully rune them out.
those old runes never get “old” like past season divine dragons so this inequality should be fixed!

@FuffyBunny please add this to your thread if you agree :slight_smile: thanks

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Don’t worry here, they still need to confirm SuperShot runes are working and it’s just a visual glitch that they don’t effect the numbers like regular attack does. (Runes/glyphs regular attack %’s raise the towers attack number, but runes/glyphs SS %’s do nothing to SS number)

I’ll put in an update for ticket #1752383 in which I asked about this and report back.

Edit: The response

@Lathra I didn’t say remove the mythics completely. I said remove them from the regular silver chests and ONLY make them available in the bonus chest.

Sure, I’d love to just say “put only mythics in there”. But, this has to be a give and take. I’d like to see the common eliminated entirely and the epic gone from the bonus. Gotta give something back. If you’re now only going to get a legendary or higher in the bonus chest, it’s only fair to take the mythic out of the silver chest.

This is trying to come up with solutions as balanced as possible. It can’t just be “gimme”, but instead tries to balance out whatever value PG puts on these particular pixels.

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