Silver Chest Sequencing

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to youuuuuu (cue the 20th Century Fox Theme) a thread dedicated to silver chest sequencing! Now, I’ve only recently started being forum active, so many of you don’t know me on here, but those that have seen my sequencing of silver chests on Line the last few times ammo runes came around will recognise me. :slight_smile:

I decided to post this in advance because unlike Orca’s old chest predictor, I don’t pull game files to sequence silvers - instead, I do it manually. This means that I need data of people opening their silvers sent to me so I can slowly piece it together, and I wanted to give enough time for people to see this post to hopefully help me out. Doing this manually means that my sequence will not be nearly as fancy as what the predictor provided in the past - not because I don’t want to make it fancy, but simply because it’s extremely difficult and I kinda can’t.

So, how will this work?

  1. If you’re planning to open silver chests during Kingdom Wars/Fight Pits, I would be grateful if you can either screen record or screenshot your drops and send them to me for reviewal - preferably on Line (Line ID: Laninge, screen name is Ingy). If for some reason you can’t send them to me on Line, I believe directly messaging me on forums should work fine too!
  2. Once the event does start and I have a part of the sequence that I’m ready to put out, I’ll post on this thread and edit this thread opening with the sequence post # for easy reference, since I’ll be constantly editing that sequence post as I update my sequence.
  3. I’ve compiled as many FAQs as I can remember seeing, and provided answers for them in the FAQs section below, so I do urge people to take a look! I hope that it’ll manage to answer people’s enquiries. I’ve also made a video explaining silver chests for those that would rather listen than read, so check that out too! Please check either of those before coming to me with questions, because you’ll most likely find your answers there.

Explanation Video:

Explanation Chart:

Expand for Explanation Chart

This beautiful chart was made by @MiinaNiina.

Rune indexes:

Expand for Rune Index Diagram

Also made my @MiinaNiina!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How DO silver chests work exactly?

I’ll try to simplify this as much as possible, and for visual reference, I recommend looking at Orca’s old chest predictor. It may be out of date, but it’ll help this explanation make much more sense.

Silver chests have 8 different sequences:

  • The ‘main’ silver sequence (historically 101 drops long)
  • The bonus chest sequence (historically 20 drops long)
  • Dragon Rune sequences «3»
  • Monument Rune sequences «3»

In this thread I will ONLY be sequencing the Legendary Dragon Rune Sequence because quite frankly, that’s the only one that really matters, and the others would be far too much of a hassle to sequence considering that I’m doing this manually.

The reason the Legendary Dragon (LegD) Sequence is the only one that matters, is because it’s where the ammo runes are. Historically, you get 1 LegD rune every 101 silver chests (sometimes sooner if you get lucky enough to get one in a bonus chest), which will help gauge how far away you are from a mythic ammo. For example, say a sequence is as follows: (This is PURELY for demonstration purposes)

Leg Warrior Attack
Leg Lightning Attack
Mythic Rage
Mythic Ammo

If you get a Leg Lightning Attack, this means you’re 202 chests away from a mythic ammo maximum.

You will notice though that there are some runes that repeat more than once in a sequence – for demonstration purposes once again, let’s say a sequence goes as follows:

Leg FF Attack
Leg Sorc Attack
Leg Ammo
Leg FF Attack
Mythic Ammo

If you land on a Leg FF Attack on your first LegD drop, you’re either 404 chests away max. OR 101 chests away max.

Which one is it? I don’t know, and neither will you unless you open enough chests to get your next LegD drops. Unfortunately, there’s no workaround for this anymore, so it will be a gamble.

N.B: The LegD runes are NOT to be confused with the LegM runes. LegM runes are Mage, Striker and Ice Flak HP runes, anything else is LegD. Kindly refrain from merging the 2 drops into one ‘sequence of drops’ you obtained if you do post – it’ll cause others to be confused and to follow the LegM runes too, thinking that they have to do with the Mythic ammo, when they don’t. Read below for more info. :slight_smile:

HELP!! I can’t find where I am on the sequence!

This could be for 2 reasons:

  • You got a Mage, Striker or Ice Flak HP rune
  • You’re on a part of the sequence that hasn’t been posted

If your issue belongs to the first category, open more chests. Mage, Striker and Ice Flak HP runes are part of the LegM sequence, NOT the LegD sequence, so keep opening chests until you get a LegD rune then try again.

If your issue belongs to the second category, feel free to shoot me a message! Often times, I have more parts of the sequence than I publicly release, so I may be able to tell you where you’re at. The reason why I don’t release everything is because I don’t like releasing clusters of the sequence that aren’t linked to the mythic ammo chunk that I do release – it would otherwise be too messy and confusing, but rest assured that as soon as I’m able to link stuff together, I update the sequence.

Do LegM runes impact my chances of getting a Mythic Ammo?

Nope, LegM and LegD sequences are completely independent of one another and don’t impact each other whatsoever. For reference, LegM runes are Mage, Striker and Ice Flak HP runes, anything else is a LegD rune.

Are you sure the sequence is accurate?

Well, for the most part, yes. I comb through plenty of data trying to find the sequence, and I try to hold back on releasing if possible until I’m confident enough that it holds some degree of accuracy to it. However, manual sequencing isn’t easy, things can sometimes slip by (albeit rarely), which is why I always like to warn that there’s a small chance that things aren’t 100% correct, especially at the earlier stages of sequencing. As time goes on, I get more and more data to reconfirm the validity of the sequence.

Since my drops follow your sequence, would sending you my data still be useful?

Ofcourse! All contributions are highly appreciated, even if they’re just to confirm what I already put out! I love knowing that the sequence is functioning correctly, it puts me at ease. :smiley:

Why don’t you sequence silver chests when there isn’t an ammo rune available?

Honestly? It’s a bit of a waste opening silvers in events that don’t offer ammo runes, and many people know that, so even if I attempt to sequence all events, I won’t have enough people sending me ample data to do so – in simple terms: no data, no sequence. Kingdom Wars (and potentially Fight pits if PG keeps it up) are unique due to the ammo rune, all other drops can be found any other time, including during these 2 events, so it’s best to just open during them.

Why don’t you sequence other chests?

Once again, same reason. Manual sequencing depends on data and is a huge hassle that I’m not sure I’m ready to get into at this time. I do sequence gold chests, but I’m not sure I’ll delve into other chests.

Is there ever a chance you’ll branch off into sequencing other chests?

I don’t know about my future plans, but for now I’d say it’s unlikely.

Are these sequences permanent?

Nope! They change every event.

How many silver chests does it take for one full cycle of LegD runes (and guaranteeing Mythic Ammo)?

1818 chests.

If you reach the end of the sequence, does it reset?

It should if there’s a full sequence presented, but bear in mind that I don’t always put out a 100% complete sequence, and we no longer know the true start and end of sequences because it’s no longer possible to pull sequences from game files. (Hence why I manually sequence silvers)

How does positioning work?

We can rely on ‘positions’ rather than opening chests to find out where we’re at in the sequence. For example, say a sequence is as follows:

1 Leg Warrior Attack
2 Leg Rage
3 Mythic Sorc Attack
4 Leg Warrior Attack
5 Mythic Hunter Attack

If you were to land on the Leg Rage (position 2), this means that your next rune would be position 3, regardless of the sequence. So, knowing the sequences, you can choose when to open your chests because we know the positons of each rune. Say mythic ammo then comes around and it’s position 1 on the sequence – you would have known that you missed out on it, and to save for next time. Similarly, if mythic ammo was position 3 instead, you’d know that your next LegD would be the mythic ammo.

There are however very rare occasions where this slightly changes, and that’s in the event that your next position is higher than the current available position. In other words, Event 1 has 24 runes, you were on position 23, then Event 2 comes along with a sequence of only 21 runes. Does your position reset to 1? Nope, not in this case atleast. When inconsistent sequence numbers arise, we use mods, this is done using Euclidean division.

In simpler terms – for the above example, you divide 23 by 21, and end up with a remainder of 2, which would be your new position.

To give another example, if your next position was 24 instead, you divide 24 by 21, and end up with a remainder of 3, which would be your new position.

Sequence is on post #1638.


If I open some chests, do you only want to see legendary/mythic drops? I’d assume so

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Those are definitely what I look at to do the sequencing :smiley: But I don’t mind combing through all the drops either as long as I have something to work with

Basically, people can send drops in whatever form is most convenient to them and I’ll deal with the rest :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Alright, was just double checking with you.


You helped me get an ammo rune last pvp and this chest sequence is great! Thank you for doing this!


Always so happy when people end up getting an ammo! :heart_eyes: I’ll continue to do this as long as mythic ammos come around and people help me out with data :smiley:


I don’t have much yet as I need data sent to me to be able to do this, but I’ll post what I do have and update as I go, so please make sure to send me screenshots and recordings!

  1. Mythic Lightning Atk
  2. Leg Sorc HP
  3. Leg Warrior HP
  4. Leg Warrior HP
  5. Leg Ammo
  6. Leg FF Atk
  7. Leg IF HP
  8. Mythic Sorc HP
  9. Mythic Hunter HP
  10. Leg Hunter HP
  11. Mythic Warrior HP
  12. Mythic Ammo
  13. Mythic FF Attack
  14. Leg Rage
  15. Leg Sorc HP
  16. Leg Lightning Atk
  17. Mythic IF HP
  18. Leg FF Atk
  19. Leg Lightning atk
  20. Leg Hunter HP
  21. Leg IF HP
  22. Mythic Rage
  23. Leg Ammo
  24. Leg Rage

Update: I promise I don’t suck at this - problem is, I have 2 other chunks of the sequence that I’m still trying to link to this one, both of which are bigger than this chunk. I also might sleep soon, so I won’t get back to this until the morning (if I wake up to more data).

Update 2: Posted a huge chunk of the sequence that I THINK links with the mythic ammo chunk, but until I confirm it for sure rather than just use my speculations, I’ll keep the 2 chunks separate. If you wanna gamble though and try it out, do so at your own risk, but do send me the results if you go for it! :joy: (I have another mini sequence that I’ll leave out for now)

Update 3: Merged the 2 chunks because I got confirmation that they DO link! Huge shoutout to @BotKingBabar for helping me test the theory! :sparkling_heart: Also helped me link the other mini sequence I had! Keep that data coming guys!

Update 4: You’ll notice a * next to a Leg Lightning Atk, this is because I’m making an educated guess when linking, rather than seeing visuals. But do not, the Leg Lightning Atk is confirmed to be after Leg Sorc HP, and it’s also confirmed to be before Mythic IF HP on 2 different sets of data, hence why I thought to link the 2. Other things to note, there’s probably one more drop in the sequence, and it might be a Leg Rage (after the Leg Ammo/before Mythic Lightning Atk), but once again this is an educated guess, so I won’t add this one in unless I see data proving it.

Update 5: Confirmed my Leg Rage suspicion, which would mean the sequence is linked right, and that this is now probably the full sequence. (24 runes) I’m more or less confident of the validity of this, but please feel free to continue sending me data to re-confirm!

Update 6: Added the ability to track positioning (refer to post #23), and added additional info about how positioning works to the FAQs section in my original post.


Great work Ingy. Wish you get your M Ammo.


Unfortunately, I think I’ll be unlucky this event once again according to the other chunks of the sequence that I have :pleading_face:
I’m half considering to add in the other chunks of the sequence that I have, but I’m not sure if that’ll be confusing or not :thinking:


I would throw em in. It’s still information for other players considering opening/opening further, and may draw out more contributions.

ed: if anybody can correlate part of this sequence to the location where they stopped last time, that would also be cool, it lets people know even without opening that first up-to-100 chests to see where they are.


Problem is, we no longer have the true start and end of sequences, and hence their actual numbered positions in the sequence to use the positioning method effectively. :frowning: Most times, I don’t even manage to find the full sequence, but we could try to do the correlation thing and see if it would work… would just require a bit more work.


I got mythic LT att and mythic sorc hp, but no leg ammo in between

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Do you have the data to support this? Because I had several people send me that particular part of the sequence, and it checked out every time

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Unfortunately not, because I wanted to take ss ( took one of free siver) and later when i started opening silver I … just failed to , sorry. But will check once in game if maaybe i missed seeing that leg ammo

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I think maybe you might have :slight_smile: Would appreciate if you can check! Because I’ve definitely had more than one person send me that part when opening big chunks of chests, so it was running on rather than me needing to piece any of it together (piecing together is where errors occur, if any)

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Ugh, I only noticed this now after I’ve opened over 90 silver chests. I can assure you I’ve not seen a mythic rune this event (or the past 300 silver chests I’ve opened). Either my luck is rancid or PG has a personal hatred for me. I’ve also not seen any ammo runes at all. Not sure if that helps.

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Your luck is just rancid because you end up at a bad position in the sequence :slight_smile: People often complain about not getting mythic runes etc. from silvers, expecting that they should, when in reality, it’s fully dependent on the sequence


That’s likely true. Normally I hold chests until I have more than 200 before opening. Now maybe I should read up on the sequencing to see if that is the right number to get through a full sequence. But I was fairly certain that was more than enough. But thanks for pointing that out, I never really gave silver chests much thought about it.

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It’s in the FAQ section, but the correct number is 1818! For anyone wondering where that number comes from - historically, LegD sequences are 24 runes long when ammo comes around. It takes 101 chests from LegD to another on the normal sequence, and there’s 2 LegD drops every 20 bonus drops
Soooo, 1818 means 18 runes through the normal sequence, and 6 runes through the bonus sequence, for a total of 24.
I usually wouldn’t recommend opening when you only have 200 chests, unless you want to gamble/are ready to spend rubies.


Try 900 to get some somewhat dependable results. 90 is really just buying a lottery ticket, very very likely to lead to nothing.